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5 tips for a cozy "drag queen fall"

Henny, this year has been a whirlwind! Chances are, you are feeling a little overwhelmed from everything. But, if you are reading this, then that means you've made it to fall 2020. Yay!

Fall is time to give thanks for the people in your life and reflect on what you've been through. To celebrate, we put together some tips and products from our latest Drag Society box to use to take on the rest of fall in true drag queen fashion!

1. No queen is ready for fall without a mask

Take on fall like a true drag queen with this Ongina mask
Say "hiieee!" to our unique Ongina printed face mask

Safety first! We don't have to remind you that we are still in a global pandemic. But, hopefully putting on this cute mask puts a smile on your face!

Comfortable meets chic with our Ongina-themed protective mask. Complete with adjustable side straps and a moldable bridge, you can still be safe while looking like a queen. PPE has never looked this good!

2. Indulge your sweet side with seasonal treats

Cozy up with a favorite snack and stream some iconic Halloween movies for a fun night in.

There's something about the chilly weather that just makes you want to curl up with a good movie and a really good snack.

Whether you crave things that are salty or sweet, check out these easy to make recipes that are sure to send you into a fall frenzy.

Any drag queen would fall in love with this box tote!
This "Pearl of the Ocean" box tote can hold anything from bags of Halloween candy to bottles of Rosé

Don't forget to take your "Pearl of the Ocean" tote bag on your next grocery run! Equipped with five panels and two handles, this tote surpasses your normal merch bags. In other words, it isn’t just two pieces of fabric sewn together.

Inspired by Ongina's stunning All-Stars entrance look, this bag is perfect for the season! The blue and gold pattern box tote is easy to incorporate into any fall #OOTD and is big enough to carry groceries (or eight bottles of wine).

3. Remember that makeup therapy goes a long way


A quick look on social media will let you know the spooky season is upon us. Halloween makeup tutorials and costume inspirations galore! While most parties are canceled this fall, you can still get into the holiday spirit with these devilish drag queen Halloween looks.

If you're feeling really brave, we dare you to check out our list of RuPaul's Drag Race costumes that can easily be re-created at home! Make mama proud, girls!

Complete with three light settings, the baby pink LED mirror can illuminate even the darkest of rooms.

But, what good are these tutorials if you don't have the perfect lighting situation to test out these looks?

This portable and powerful LED Mirror will light up your life — and your face when you’re beating that mug for the back of the room. The rechargeable mirror features three different light settings and comes with a magnified mini-mirror to ensure every lip and lash is perfectly painted.

4. Slip into something more comfortable

The weather is changing! Swap out those tank tops or an oversized hoodie.

Chilly weather? Time to bust out the knitted sweaters and thick joggers. Let's face it, we aren't going anywhere any time soon. Make the most of your time at home with soft fabrics that will keep you warm and festive.

Quarantine doesn't mean you have to rock PJ's all day. It's best to have a casual tee handy in case of a last-minute conference call. Lucky for you, our fall 2020 box is here to save the day.

Straight off the RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars season, five finale runway this shirt design was inspired byOngina’s epic main stage appearance— which paid homage to her season one finale look. You can also accessorize your fall outfit with an enamel pin that reps your favorite bold, bald drag queen!

Dress this apparel up or down, either way, you'll look fierce AF!

5. Set aside some time for yourself

“Every Queen should pamper herself!" These wise words from Ongina herself have never rung truer. These unprecedented times can take a toll on anyone. And a Queen knows when it's time to take off her crown and make some time for herself.

Light some candles, put on some music, and pop in one of these bath bombs to turn any day into a spa day. This three-piece bath bomb set is Ongina's favorite product in the Fall 2020 Drag Society box.

Both physical and mental wellness is important for everyone. The lavender-infused fragrance is common in aromatherapy to reduce stress, anxiety, and even mild pain. Sometimes, a long soak is all you need to turn your day around.

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