Adore Delano updates fans after facial femnization surgery

Adore Delano updates fans after facial femnization surgery

 RuPaul's Drag Race and American Idol alum Adore Delano came out as a transgender woman back in August 2023 and is now sharing a giant step in her identity journey. 

"The b*tch is back," she captioned the first look at her transformation, a video she said was taken three months post-op. "Still have lots of healing to get through, but feeling human again," she added in her caption.

Delano initially came out to family as trans and presented as a girl in high school before appearing on American Idol presenting as male. 

“I wanted to let everybody know that I am transitioning. I kept it really hush-hush [for] the first three months because I wanted to go through the beginning stages of the puberty privately,” she said in the reel. 





In November 2023, she announced to followers of plans to undergo facial feminization surgery. She also shared a photo of her inside the doctor's office with the caption, "It's finally happening!! #ffs."

Delano was welcomed back to social media with open arms and plenty of complements on her new look from fans and fellow queens alike. 

You’ve always looked amazing… but this is giving CISgender hun,” wrote fellow trans star Gia Gunn

“Bianca Del Rio also cracked, "WE LOOK LIKE TWINS NOW! 💋," while Scarlett Bobo commented, "OH MY GAWD SISTER! You look INCREDIBLE!!!!"

ll Stars 5 winner Shea Couleé said: “Miss ma’am. I have been waiting with bated breath, and you did not disappoint.”



Congratulations Adore! 

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