Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis post diss tracks after heated online exchange

Bob the Drag Queen and Maddy Morphosis post diss tracks after heated online exchange

Bob the Drag Queen, winner of RuPaul's Drag Race Season 8, made headlines this week when she released a diss track targeting fellow queen Maddy Morphosis. 

The track directly responded to Maddy's comments made on 'The Pit Stop', a show formerly hosted by Bob and currently led by Trixie Mattel.  On the show, Maddy called Bob's habit of composing her verses for RuPaul's songs 'corny', inciting a verbal feud between the two drag queens.

The pair discussed the latest episode of season 16, where queens were asked to transform into girl groups to perform remixes of songs from RuPaul’s Black Butta album.

Trixie asked Maddy how she would have fared with the lyric writing aspect, to which she responded: “I think I’d be great. I think I’m very clever with wordplay. I wish I could have done a Ru-verse, a Ru-sical, a girl group writing stuff.”

Trixie responded with a potential solution: “You could do what Bob does sometimes. She will release her own verse of these songs.”

“I think it’s corny,” replied Maddy.

As a result Bob then put together a clip along with a complete diss track of Maddy and their online exchanges. 



“Now, I’m just sitting down trying to enjoy the Pit Stop, a job that was stolen from me, and then To Wong Foo try to read me. I’m like, now how I get in this?” said Bob when she introduced the clip.

Maddy’s response? Teasing her very own diss track according to her social media posts.  It’s safe to say that drag fans are living for the online exchanges. 




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