Bob the Drag Queen is calling out Howard Stern's behavior during AGT audition

Bob the Drag Queen is calling out Howard Stern's behavior during AGT audition

Bob the Drag Queen is calling out Howard Stern’s behavior during an audition for the popular competition show, America’s Got Talent.  

Speaking on Delta Work’s Very Delta podcast, the RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 winner alleges Stern made crude sexual comments and “bullied me” after their group auditioned to be on the show. 

"Howard Stern once bullied me. But, to be fair, I low-key signed up for it. It was for America's Got Talent," she told Delta. "Me and a couple of friends got together to do America's Got Talent before I was ever on Drag Race.”

“We were all doing this number, and as we started doing our number, this group in the front started being like, 'Uh, uh uh uh!'.... So then they started throwing us off, we started dancing out of sync, and then people started crying on stage, and then we got the X X X all in a row,” she revealed.

Judge Sharon Osbourne said it looked like the performers “didn’t even rehearse” before Stern gave his remarks. 

“And then Howard Stern said something like... 'You guys weren't great, but I would have sex with that one,' and [my friend that he pointed to] was like — I can't remember which one it was — she was like, 'I would never,’” Bob continued. “He was like, 'Any one of you would love to have sex with me,' and I was like, 'I don't think you get to say that.'”

“This is on stage,” Bob added. “It never aired, probably because they were like, 'Howard, we can't air this,' but he was like, 'You'd be happy to have sex with me. Any one of you!'”

While it was never revealed which season Bob and her group auditioned for, Stern served as a judge on the show’s panel from seasons 7 through 10,

Listen to Bob and Delta's entire podcast episode, here

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