Popular drag queen styles you should know about

Breaking down popular drag queen styles

Why choose one drag queen styles when there are some many different kinds to choose from? While it may be true that drag has no rules, there are certainly certain styles and trends that have outlasted time. So much infact, that popular queens regularly experiment with these styles and absolutely kill it!

So, challenge your drag trivia with these popular drag queen styles! Without a doubt, you are bound to learn a little something new!


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Sometimes known as "anti-queen," this style of drag uses a combination of different gender characteristics. Clothes and accessories definitely play a part in the ensemble. While being very artistic, they are also sexually ambiguous with fashion, gender identity, sexual identity, and/or sexual lifestyle. Essentially, the goal is to blur the harsh lines of female and male.

Club Kid

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Whether it's the imaginative designs or colorful and often playful aesthetic, Club Kids ruled 80s and 90s NYC drag culture. With bold colors, zany patterns and unique shapes, "club kid couture" is looked at as a retro style. Featuring over-the-top outfits and outrageous make-up, this aesthetic is meant to pop! Obviously, this style heavily influences modern fashion with luxury brands like Moschino.


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Camp drag queens employ a drag aesthetic based on clown-like values, such as exaggeration, satire and ribaldry. Although, they are sometimes known for being brutally honest, we like to call it, exhibiting insult comic-like techniques. Camp is not just another one of the drag queen styles, it’s a whole lifestyle. Certainly, these queens tend to be comedic geniuses—always ready with a joke and a clap back!

High End

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From the covers of Vogue to Marie Claire, these queens channel their inner Naomi Campbell. You can recognize these queens straightaway with their on brand outfits and expertly styled hair and makeup. Significantly, todays drag queens are seeing themselves on runways and magazine covers. Hence, brands are realizing the opportunity for drag in high-end fashion.


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Seeing that traditional drag meant dressing to mimic an authentic woman, a fish drag queen is exactly that. In order to look as close to the real thing as possible, they come beat to the gods and padded down serving body! Also being know for a polished look, they are committed to their drag talent.


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Think elegance and grace! These are the queens who give Toddlers & Tiaras a run for their money. Consequently, these “ladies” invest thousands of dollars) to compete in pageants across the country. To win, they keep their drag prim and polished. Additionally, using elaborate jewelry and gowns to snatch the crown is a must.


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It's Halloween all year long with these haunted babes! But, don't get it twisted—these cold stone foxes are out for blood. Regardless of the traditional drag scene, these scream queens pull inspiration from horror and sci-fi aesthetics. As a result, dark colors, chunky fabrics and rugged accessories make the perfect look.

Drag Kings

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Similarly, there is an major trend of drag kings making their way on the scene. Because drag queens aim to mimmick feminine characteristics, drag kings try to pull from masculine features. While drag kings don't get nearly as much mainstream attention as their counterparts, these performers come from all over the gender spectrum. 

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