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Britney's heartfelt message to LGBTQ+ community featured in memoir, 'The Woman In Me'

Britney Spears’s highly anticipated memoir, ‘The Woman In Me’ is already a bestseller and is being regarded as the “highest-selling celebrity memoir in history. 

While the book is currently making headlines for the tea being spilled about her exes and other celebrities, the Princess of Pop is also pledging her unwavering love for the LGBTQ+ community. 

“For me, it’s all about love – unconditional love,” Britney wrote. “My gay friends were always protective of me, maybe because they knew that I was kind of innocent.

“Not dumb, but way too kind. And I think a lot of the gay guys around me took on a supportive role,” she went on to say.

“If I thought I didn’t do my best performance, I could count on my friends to realize I didn’t feel great about it and still say, “You did so good!” That kind of love means everything to me.”



Britney then shares some intimate memories about nights out at gay bars “One time in Europe we went to a gay club where I felt like everyone around me on the dance floor was so tall. The club played great electro music and I loved it. I danced until six o’clock in the morning and felt like it went by in two seconds.

“My heart was so alive. It was like the mystical time in Arizona – it was a spiritual experience to be with people who I could feel loved me unconditionally. With friends like that, it doesn’t matter what you do or say or why you know. That’s true love.”

Britney also shared her experience seeing drag artists in Italy when she went to a “showcase where some drag artists were doing my songs. It was so amazing. The artists were beautiful. They were living in the moment and I could tell they loved to perform. They had such heart and drive, and I respect that a lot”.

The Woman In Me comes after the infamous 2021 termination of the conservatorship. In an effort to support Spears, fans across the globe created the #freebritney movement calling for the end of the twenty-year-old legal arrangement. 



When the book was announced in July, Gallery Books described the piece as, “A brave and astonishingly moving story about freedom, fame, motherhood, survival, faith, and hope.”

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