Call Me Mother show casts drag queens, kings and nonbinary contestants

Call Me Mother show casts drag queens, kings and nonbinary contestants


RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Peppermint and Crystal and Barbada de Barbades are teaming up to host a new Canadian reality tv series called “Call Me Mother.”

Each queen will serve as mother of their own drag house, with the three groups competing against one another in a series of challenges. Every week for eight weeks, one group will lose the challenge, and the mother will have to choose one of her drag children to go home.



 Peppermint will serve as mother of the House of Dulcet, Crystal will lead the House of Glass, and Barbades will rule over the House of Harmonie.

“The family component really resonated all the way through,” Peppermint, representing the House of Dulcet, told Entertainment Weekly.

“Our drag houses formed a bond with each other, but they also formed an incredible bond [with] all of the other drag children, even if they were in a different house. It was quite remarkable to see the tears and… well, the tears.”

What’s extra special about the series is that inclusion is at the forefront. Among the shows cast of potential drag babies are drag kings, queens and nonbinary performers. 

All of the contestants are fighting for a prize valued at $50,000 (though what exactly that is remains vague) and the coveted title of the “First Child of Drag.”

Entertainment Tonight Canada personality Dallas Dixon is set to host the show and co-host of the series’ companion podcast, Mom’s the Word, which will feature elimination interviews and episode recaps.

Meanwhile, Farra N Hyte, drag mother to Drag Race season 11 finalist and Canada’s Drag Race host Brooke Lynn Hytes will also act as a judge and choreographer.

Meet the Season 1 cast!

Calypso Cosmic



Ella Lamoureux



Felicia Bonee






Kiki Coe



Narcissa Wolfe






Sanjina Dabish Queen




Valerie Hunt



Call Me Mother is out on October 25 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on OUTtv,, the OUTtv Apple TV channel, and the OUTtv Amazon Prime Channel.

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