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Canada's Drag Race crowns season 2 winner


The champion queen of season 2’s Canadas Drag Race has finally been announced in a shocking season finale. 

In October, fans were introduced to 12 new queens ready to fight for the title of ‘Canada’s Next Drag Superstar’: Adriana, Beth, Eve 6000, Gia Metric, Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender, Kimora Amour, Océane Aqua-Black, Pythia, Stephanie Prince, Suki Doll, and Synthia Kiss.

Throughout the 10-episode season, there was tense drama, shocking twists, and even some heartfelt moments. 

However, only three lucky queens could make it to the finale, which saw the three remaining queens – Icesis Couture, Kendall Gender, and Pythia – record and perform original verses for Brooklyn Hytes’ track Queen of the North.

After performing, the trio sashayed down the main stage for the last time in stunning eleganza. The competition ended with a three-way lip-sync for the crown to Celine Dion’s iconic single It’s All Coming Back To Me.

***WARNING: Major spoilers ahead!***




Ultimately, judge Brooklyn announced that Icesis Couture prevailed and was the official winner of Canada’s Drag Race. 

In an interview with Digital Spy, the 34-year old winner detailed her reaction to the big news.

“When I found out, I cried, and just cried, and cried. I got crowned in front of my family, and all my friends,” she said. “It was a magical moment. It was exactly what I was looking for.”

She also explained why her final lipsync was “full of emotions.”

“One of those emotions being “grateful.” I was just so happy,” Icesis explained. “ It’s such an iconic song to sing. Because I was in a full gown, I was also grateful that we weren’t doing a dancing number.”

“So I was totally down for Celine. It was like “do or die.” This is the moment to show them exactly why you’re here, why you were top three, and why you’ve been doing drag for so long and still love it.”

Icesis joins season one winner, Priyanka in Canada’s Drag Race Hall of Fame. 

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