Canada's Drag Race unveils season 2 queens

Canada's Drag Race unveils season 2 queens


World of Wonder just graced Drag Race fans with the complete reveal of Season 2’s cast! Twelve new queens are set to sashay down the runaway in a fight to win the $100,000 cash prize and be crowned Canada’s Next Drag Superstar. 

Meanwhile, presiding over the season 2 panel is returning judge Brooke Lynn Hytes, actress Amanda Brugel and fashion stylist Brad Goreski joining in place of season 1's Stacey McKenzie. 

The new season will premiere October 14 and proves to be the perfect addition to your fall TV lineup.

 Meet your Season 2 queens



“I’m the Latina star of your wildest fantasies.” 

“The other queens may think I am the quiet one, but hey, I am a silent killer.”



“I am definitely coming here to represent for indigenous Two-Spirit people.”

 “I think people are going to love two really big things about me and that’s my sense of humor and big heart.”

Eve 6000


“Let me tell you, there has never been a realer bitch on Drag Race.” In Eve’s introduction, she expresses the importance her appearance on the show is for others. 

“I’m here to represent the trans, non-binary community. I want to be an example for all the non-binary kids out there that you can be who you want and you can be up here and there is a place for you.” 

Gia Metric


“My favorite thing about being a drag queen is the ability to stand onstage and exchange energy with people.” 

“Anybody who is lipsyncing against me better watch their back because they have no idea what I am capable of.”

Icesis Couture


This self-dubbed “Ice Queen of Season 2. “When you see me, you SEE me. I am a presence!”

“My strategy in this competition? I am just going to keep my head down, do my work and not learn any of these bitches names!”

Kendall Gender


“Community, drag and activism all lace up into one and that’s really the most important thing I am here to do.”

“I am bodied, energetic, and inspirational. So get ready to eat it up Canada!”

Kimora Amour 


“A lot of my drag does come from Afro-futurism. I love the play on the futuristic but I love to have a black or African element to it because that’s just who I am.”

“I want to be able to put out Black-positivity in the world because I dont feel that, especially in the drag scene it’s often received.”

Oceane Aqua-Black 


“I’m here to show Canada that I am a force to be reckoned with,” said the queen in her introduction video. “The time of my life, it’s right now!”



“My drag style is so out of this world, I am going to bring things that you have never seen before, guaranteed!”

“I’m here to bring the weird! Let the monsters reign. 

Stephanie Prince 


“I’m here to represent my culture which are Philipinos and my Asian sisters and my Ladyboys who are back home watching me!”

Suki Doll


“I’m like one of the only performing Asian queens, there’s two of us for the past like two decades. That’s not normal!”

“This is why I want to inspire the new queens and also the queer Asian community to stand up. Now is the time!”

Synthia Kiss

“My drag is fun, it’s fabulous, bold colors! I just like to be a cartoon at all times!” 

Despite a two year break in the drag game, Synthia has returned full throttle just in time to compete for the crown


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