Charli XCX and Cynthia Lee Fontaine Twitter spat explained

Charli XCX and Cynthia Lee Fontaine Twitter spat explained

Pop singer Charli XCX and Drag Race Miss COngeniality winner, Cynthia Lee Fontaine went head to head on Twitter after talking about Kim Petras new music. 

It started when Charli shared her opinion on Petras debut album Feed the Beast. According to Charli, she based her opinions on Pitchfork’s review of the album and her experience with Kim, as she has not heard the debut record yet.

“I love Kim, and I think she’s exceptionally talented – I’ve seen her work. I’ve seen her write. I’ve seen her natural instinct. It’s very good. I think she’s in an interesting spot as an artist rn,” she explained via her Instagram Stories on 26 June.




“The way I see it is that she’s in a phase where commercial success is more important than wholeheartedly following her artistic instinct (perhaps?).” 

While many maintain the “Crash” singer was not dragging Petras, drag star Cynthia Lee Fontaine replied calling Charli’s statement “cringe”.

“So haven’t heard it yet and she decided to make a comment based on someone’s review? Cringe,” the season eight Drag Race star tweeted on 27 June. 


On 7 July, Charli returned to Twitter to further explain her initial statement and deny the Drag Race star’s assumption. 

“No. I chose to comment not on another persons review but on my experience of Kim as an artist whom I’ve collaborated with many times. Artists are so much more than singular albums,” she explained. 

“Great artists generate culture and conversation that transcends music. I am giving my thoughts on Kim’s current position as an artist in 2023 through the lense of my own personal experiences. Don’t try with your fuck shit with me.”

Cynthia concluded the online exchange by saying: “Don’t you dare trying to teach me how artistry work. I’m aware how it works. But the music [business] and culture and interaction derives not just only on comments between colleagues , but also your own criteria, point of view and personal expertise . Do better ignorant !”

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