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Chella Man makes history as first trans masculine face of YSL beauty


YSL revealed that Chella Man, a model, artist, and activist, has been revealed as the new face of the beauty brand, becoming the first trans man in this role, as reported by the  NY Daily News.

The 22-year-old recently revealed his partnership with YSL Beauty as part of their Nu Collective skin and makeup line. 

In a video posted to Instagram, Man celebrates his top surgery scars saying, “My mind didn’t connect to my body. Top surgery allowed me to make my body a home, and my scars will always remind me of this liberation.” 

He continued, “Where I lack the resources to explain myself through words, art was and still is my loophole. My scars are the things that make me who I am. They’re a privilege to bear. My scars are my signature.”


 "My body's ability to adapt is a treasure," Man captioned the video clip from the campaign. "The scars on my chest and behind my ears remind me of this."

The artist is also seen donning jewelry from his own Beauty of Being Deaf line, which features decorative, accessible pieces like gold accessories that adorn hearing aids and cochlear implants, Dazed reports.

The YSL Beauty campaign also features other prominent young influencers such as Rickey Thompson, Brynne Rosetta, Tatiana Rigsby, and more.

Man initially became known after chronicling his transition on social media. He worked as an advocate for Deaf communities and made history when he was signed to IMG. In 2019, he also explored a career in acting, being cast as Jericho in Titans


Man was recently chosen as the recipient of a Digital Creator Award for the first-ever Renaissance Awards. Award celebrates young leaders using social media for social good by taking on global challenges with innovation, empathy, and earth awareness to implement authentic, deep change.

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