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Club Q announces plans to reopen months after horrific shooting

Last November the Colorado Springs community was rocked when popular gay nightclub Club Q became the site of a deadly mass shooting. However this week the venue announced plans to reopen later this year to help bring the local LGBTQ+ community together again.

"Our goal and intention has always been to return Club Q as a safe space for the Colorado Springs LGBTQIA+ community and will continue to tirelessly work toward that effort," read a statement posted on the venue's Instagram page.




Police previously confirmed that five people were fatally shot when a 22 year-old suspect opened fire on the LGBTQ+ nightlife hotspot.

Additionally, 19 others were wounded fleeing the shooter. The suspect, Anderson Lee Aldrich, is facing more than 300 counts including first-degree murder, assault and hate crimes.

The club says they plan to reopen with increased security measures. The victims Daniel Aston, Raymond Green Vance, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Derrick Rump will all be honored with a permanent tribute at the site.

Vigils and demonstrations against gun violence across the country were held in honor of those lost in the aftermath of the shooting. To help the families and surviors of the horrifc attack, various fundraisers were also set for those able to donate.

"Their memories will be carried forward and honored forever, while we work to make Club Qa forever home for our LGBTQIA+ community," said the management team in a statement nearly three months after the tragedy.

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