Divina de Campo claims Drag Race UK star is Trump, J.K. Rowling fan

Divina de Campo claims Drag Race UK star is Trump, J.K. Rowling fan

Drag Race UK season one star Divina de Campo sent Twitter users into a frenzy after serving up some piping hot tea about another queen secretly being a MAGA member and a JK Rowling supporter. 

“A real prominent loved drag race girl saying Donald trump was a great president

JKR is a really talented person

Climate change isn’t real”



It goes without saying that Donald Trump is a notoriously anti-LGBTQ. And ICYDK, problematic TERF and once-beloved Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling has built a reputation after continuously making headlines due to her constant transphobic tweets. 

De Campo followed up her viral tweet by giving followers a clue about who the queen in question is: “Not UK so it’s clear.”

As a result of the vague clues, Drag Race fans were both livid that she wasn’t giving out names and eager to find out more about the mystery controversial drag artist.




While many fans turned into internet sleuths, fellow drag queens were just as anxious to find out more. 

Eve 6000 asked, “B*TCH WHO????” while DeJa Skye responded with several flushed face emojis.

Cheryl Hole even joked, “Not you even telling me on WhatsApp either.” Meanwhile, out trans queen Kornbread “The Snack” Jete outright asked Divina for a name. 

“So you gone wake Twitter up. And not say who? Help me understand.”She also added, “No because now you got the fan base saying other queens’ names in the comments. Making people look bad and it might not even be them.”




After countless replies— some even accusing the season one queen of posting for clout, Divina made it clear that she wasn’t going to out any names to the public. 

She firmly tweeted: ”Lol you know I am not dropping any name (I’m not getting sued). Sometimes you just have to write that shit down to get it out of your brain. Let other people think about the fact there are drag queens out there still that stupid. Then they can stop pretending we are role models



Only time will tell if we get to know the queen in question. For now, it looks like this is case has gone cold.

Let us know your thoughts on the topic! Sound off in the comments below. 

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I’ll just say this, and this is just my opinion, the queen in question must be seeing all the controversy this info is causing. She must feel pretty ignorant and misguided from the actual truth if she IS paying attention now. For me and many others Drag Queens ARE role models and mentors (perfection is not a qualification), and I do happen to pay attention to their character and personality when I admire the beautiful humans they are. Anger won’t solve anything, educating this misguided queen is the only way, keep the herstory of drag an open convo with all the sisters and lead with LOVE always.


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