'Drag Her!' is bringing Drag Race queens to the gaming world

'Drag Her!' is bringing Drag Race queens to the gaming world


Street Fighter meets Drag Race in this unique drag queen-inspired video game. But instead of lip-syncing battles, players are fighting to prove they are the fiercest queen on the block. 

Drag Her! is a 2D fighting game, similar to the classic style of Mortal Kombat. However, vibrant drag queens take the place of the standard edgy-looking playable characters. Even more, all the fighters will be modeled after real-life drag artists.

Players can fight as several popular Drag Race and Dragula stars. Queens like Alaska, Manila Luzon, Asia O’Hara, Kim Chi, Laganja Enstranja, and drag king Landon Cider are set to appear in-game. Additionally Jiggly Caliente and Tammie Brown will also assist players throughout their fights. Meatball serves as the competition's drag queen emcee and narrator throughout the game. 


Attack moves range from stiletto high-kicks to handbag knock-outs. The hand-drawn combat game will have local and online versus modes, as well as career and training modes. In addition to local and online play, Drag Her! will also feature a single-player “career mode,” developers said.

The team behind the game describes it as “approachable, fun to play, and fundamentally stupid to watch” with visuals that scream camp. 

Independent studio Fighting Chance Games launched a Kickstarter for the project this month and is seeking $69,000 in funding. The developers hope to have the final game released by early 2024. “Drag Her!” will be released on Steam for PC and Mac OS and possibly on the Nintendo Switch in the future. 


In an interview with The Verge, narrative designer Jessica Antenorcruz explains that while the game is full of attacks, there is no true violence depicted in the battles. 

“This is a community of people who have been abused for years and years and traumatized, so we wanted to make a game that’s kind of harmless in the sense that you’d beat the crap out of somebody, but it’s all a game,” Antenorcruz said.

“You’re never going to see them bleeding or bruised because that can be demeaning and traumatizing to people who have lived through that.”

While the game is still under development, there is a playable demo of “Drag Her!” out now!

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