Drag queen Brigitte Bandit puts Marjorie Taylor Green in her place

Drag queen Brigitte Bandit puts Marjorie Taylor Green in her place

After drag queen and activist Brigitte Bandit went on CNN to promote the Equality Act and the Transgender Bill of Rights, this witty artist took on everyone’s favorite representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene. 

Bandit who is currently lobbying for LGBTQ+ protections, was asked to respond to former President Trump saying he wants to withdraw federal funding from any school that teaches "critical race theory" or "transgender insanity."

"We already see so many attacks on our queer community. I already don't feel safe in my own hometown dressed in drag like this," Bandit said.

 "And it's very scary for queer people to exist in a time where we see this kind of rhetoric being pushed by our lawmakers and the people who should care about other issues that actually affect the American people, other than attacking our community. It's very disappointing and I hope for better for our country."




Greene took to Twitter/X to call out the Austin-based queen’s remarks on Trump as well as attack "men pretending to be women."

"What’s scary is men pretending to be women reading gender cult lying books to our children, provocatively dancing nearly nude in public spaces, and taking over our bathrooms, sports, and private spaces," the conservative wrote. "Women and children need protection from them."

Bandit, who the politician accused of endangering women, was quick to educate the controversial politician by pointing out she was born a woman. 

"Hi Marjorie! I’m Brigitte and I’m the queen in the clip. I’m born female and not a man," Bandit wrote. "You are just proving that gender is socially constructed and have no idea what you’re talking about and why you should have no say in our lives."

Lesson of the day: “Reading is Fundamental!”

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