Drag Queens are being targeted in "swatting" incidents on Twitch

Drag Queens are being targeted in "swatting" incidents on Twitch


Online everywhere, drag queens are calling for the end of targeted attacks on the game streaming platform, Twitch.

Recently drag performer Elix, who has nearly 60,000 followers on the platform, experienced an incident called “swatting.” 

The Las Vegas resident was in the middle of a live stream when police “swatted” their home on Nov. 9. An officer on a loudspeaker called Elix to come out of their home. 

I’m shook. I’m gooped. I’m gagged that I — I wasn’t scared. In my head, I’m like, ‘My community is waiting for me,’” Elix told NBC News, referring to their live stream audience on Twitch.


Elix was told police had received a call saying they had slit their brother's throat, hid him in the basement, and was planning to take their own life.

Luckily, they were able to speak with the authorities and conclude that the call was a prank. However, Elix isn’t the first to experience this. 

Infarct, there have been a string of incidents and it comes months after creators organized a Twitch boycott in early September. 

A Day Off Twitch,” was created in order to raise awareness of the threats marginalized groups say they face on the platform. 

Amid the growing concerns, new safety features were rolled out and included phone-verified chats that allowed targeted creators to have more control over who can participate in their communities.

The founder of Stream Queens, a group of drag queens on the streaming platform also spoke out about the attacks. Founder Deere told NBC News that she’s saddened by the “continued threats, harassment, and invasions of privacy.

“I hope that through these amazing people persevering in the face of hate, we can inspire people to still be strong and be themselves in spite of anyone trying to stop us or shame us for being genuine and honest,” she said.

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