RuPaul's Drag Race All-Stars cast revealed!

'Drag Race' All-Stars 6 cast RuVealed

It looks like we finally have some info on the RuPaul’s Drag Race: All-Stars 6 cast! A list of the full cast of queens has popped up on Twitter ahead of the show’s release on Jun 24.

You can watch the upcoming and past seasons on Paramount Plus!

So who is returning for their shot at the crown?

According to the promo video shared this week, season 6 features a mix of All-Star newbies and seasoned queens featured in past seasons. See all the queens hoping to win America's Next Drag Race Superstar!

A'keira Davenport

Miss Black Universe herself, A'keira Davenport is back for some action! Just as her enterance quote says, "The one most meant to meet all the criteria... screw all that! Just say, 'Hey Miss A'keria!'"

Eureka O'Hara

Eureka O'Hara is no stranger to the Drag Race stage, now she's taking on All-Stars 6. Known as quite the contreversial queen, Eureka will appear in three seasons of the show. No doubt, there will be drama on the upcoming season too!

Ginger Minj

This Glamour Toad is back...again! While already making an appearance in All-Stars season 2, Ginger aims to wow the judges with her comedy and acting talents. Let's hope third times the charm!


The lovable and bright drag queen that is Jan will be returning to the Werkroom for another chance at the crown! Fans of season 13 rightly felt she went home too soon and will no doubt be excited to see more from this self described cheerleader.

Jiggly Caliente

Who can forget colourful Jiggly strutting her stuff down the runway! Born in the Philippines, Jiggly was the fifth contestant to come out as transgender after competing on the show. These days she is known for her recurring role as Veronica on the FX series Pose and now, an AS6 queen!

Pandora Boxx

She's campy, she's quirky, she's Miss Congeniality winner is Pandora Boxx! While she didn't win the season 2 crown, she is back to fight for the America's Next Drag Superstar title!

Ra'Jah O'Hara

Largely known for her dance talents and lip-syncing chops, Ra'Jah became known as a high-fashion queen with a southern twist. Ultimately, she is back to win the crown. "Your saucy homegirl is back, and she's sweeter than before!"

Scarlet Envy

While she made her first debut to the 'Drag Race' stage in season 11 of the show, Scarlet is still going strong! Not only were fans impressed with her acting chops and bright attitude, they outright demanded her return to All-Stars. It's Scarlet's world and we're all just living in it!

Serena Cha Cha

Who could forget Serena Cha Cha? This queen appeared on season 5 of the show right after graduating from art school. Her sassy and sometimes narcissistic attitude made for one of the most iconic moments in Untucked history. But just as quickly she arrived, Cha Cha was eliminated in episode 2. After some time to reflect, this queen is back to prove herself!

Silky Ganache

Although Ms. Silky Ganache made it to the top four of season 11, unfortunately, she went home packing. But now, this sweet southern belle is back with a vengeance. "Season 11, I came for the lunch. All-Stars 6, I'm coming for the dinner. Look out bitch, I am your winner!"

Kylie Sonique Love

Many likely remember Sonique on season 2 of 'Drag Race,' but now you can find her on the All-Stars 6 stage! During the season's reunion episode, Love shared that she is transgender. Her entrance quote, "Oooh Girl! You got a Female!"


Famously dubbed as the "lip sync-assasin" of season 6, Trinity K Bonet is back to slay the competition. With another shot at the coveted crown, Bonet is here to win the hearts of fans across the world.

Yara Sofia

A Puerto Rican princess at heart, Yara Sofia made waves in the US with her personality and talents. So much in fact, that she won Miss Congeniality during her run on season 3 of the show. Now, Yara is back to add another crown to her trophy shelf.

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