RuPaul's Drag announces new Euro spinoff

Drag Race announces new Euro spinoff

Since the start of 2021, the Drag Race universe gained many versions of the show that started it all. Everything from the amazing Australian version to the fabulous Philippines competitions gained millions of fans. However, now your library just got a little bit bigger. Drag Race just confirmed a new euro spinoff! Say "Ciao" to Drag Race Italia!

But details about premiere dates and casting are extremely scarce. In fact, WOW left fans puzzled shared a single image from the series that teases the title next to a shot of a Roman coliseum.

After announcing the news to fans via official Instagram and Twitter accounts, World Of Wonder shared it will air in selected territories excluding Italy.

Additionally, the show will be available to stream on Discovery+.
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Who's set to appear on the new spinoff?

Similar to other shows without RuPaul's name in the title, it's likely that Drag Race Italia will not see RuPaul on the judging panel. Instead, Italian TV personality Tommaso Zorzi alongside actress Chiara Francini and popular drag queen Priscilla are rumored to host.

"We want to tell all of Italy and we will represent the country from North to South," said Discovery Italia COO Laura Carafoli. "We are working with activists from the LGBTQ+ community and there will be some important stories behind the contestants."

While casting is currently still underway, Discovery+ revealed it will be coming out in November of this year.

Last year, producers Randy Barbato and Fenton Bailey told EW they were eyeing multiple new territories for possible Drag Race expansions, with more expected to be announced soon.

In the meantime, stream other versions of the cult-classic

The Italian series is the fourth European entry in the franchise following Drag Race UK, Drag Race Holland, and Drag Race Espana. The Spanish premiered in May. So, safe to say there is no shortage of drag queen content to enjoy at home.

Who else is excited to see how the new Drag Race euro spinoff?

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