'Drag Race' increases grand prizes for season 14 queens

'Drag Race' increases grand prizes for season 14 queens

The stakes just got higher for season 14 cutthroat competitors! VH1 announced last week that the winner of Drag Race season 14 will earn the grand prized of a whopping $150,000. The sum is an increase from past seasons of $100,000. Additionally, the show is adding a cash prize for the runner-up of the season worth $50,000. 

In past seasons, there has never been a cash prize for runners-up on Drag Race, making this a first for the reality competition series. Meanwhile, the ever-respected Miss Congeniality winner will still be awarded $10,000. 

These winners are still to be decided as the judging panel has officially narrowed down the Season 14 competition to the top five queens in the running for the title of “America’s Next Drag Super Star.” 



The queens who have made it this far in the competition, AKA the “fierce five”, include Angeria Paris VanMicheals, Bosco, Daya Betty, Lady Camden, and Willow Pill.

 Bosco and Willow both publicly came out as transgender earlier this year, making them the only trans queens with a shot at the crown this season. 

News of the prize money increase is reaching past queens who missed out on the extra $50,000. In fact, season 7 queen Ginger Minj jokingly tweeted,Is there a way to file for back pay? Seriously, though, good for them.”

Meanwhile, season 7 runner-up Kandy Muse tweeted out similar concerns writing, "Where’s my 50k," along with a playful gif. 



The season 14 finale of RuPaul’s Drag Race airs on VH1 on April 22. In the meantime, let us know down below which queen you are hoping to see take the crown and the six-figure check?

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