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Drag Race International All Stars series in the works?

Rumor has it that the RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars is going international.

In light of an article by The Sun, the new addition to the long-running series will feature favorites from the U.S., Canada, and Holland adaptations. Even more, Ru's production scheduled had her leaving New Zealand where she filed Down Under and then traveling to London for U.K. season three and the international version back to back.

Since the show's beginning, the Emmy-Award winning series has expanded from the United States into Thailand, the U.K., the Netherlands, Canada. Just recently, the series announced new versions in Australia and Spain. For Drag Race fanstics, an international version of the hit series is where all of the franchise's biggest stars will come together.

Which queens are rumored to be casted?

The internet sleuths have done it again! While nothing has been officially released yet, Drag Race superfans have been digging around and already have some cast predictions.

Based on the dirt they found, many of these queens all miraculously returned to Twitter between April 2-5 with suspicious tweets acknowledging their social media breaks. Other, are still inactive and futhered speculation about their whearabouts.

Baga Chips (Drag Race UK, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

Blu Hydrangea (Drag Race UK, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

UK queen Blu Hydrangea blames her phone battery for her lack of social content. "Ok, so...I meditated for too long and my phone died, then I broke my thumbs trying to find the charger and had to take a long nap to recover, sorry!" she wrote in a tweet.

Cheryl Hole (Drag Race UK, S1)

Image: World of Wonder

"I really needed that nap! It's tiring being a mediocre diva..." Cheryl Hole posts.

Envy Peru (Drag Race Holland, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

Janey Jacké (Drag Race Holland, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

Jimbo (Drag Race Canada, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

On the other hand, Jimbo shares some details about a recent accident. "I fell and broke both my thumbs!" she writes. "But, I'm on the mend! Sending all the love on the wings of my sweet tweeter."

Lemon (Drag Race Canada, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

Meanwhile, Lemon writes: "omg, sorry my phone died" after fans comment on her recent absence on Twitter.

Monique Hart (Drag Race US, S10)

Photo: World of Wonder

Pangina Heals (Drag Race Thailand, S1)

Photo: World of Wonder

And after a break from social media platforms, Pangina Heals reveals she is "Back from meditation camp."

This lineup is a dream! But for now, Drag Race fans will have to wait and see if their fantasies can truly become a reality. In the meantime, all these clues got us searching the internet like:

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