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Drag Race star breaks from social media after online backlash over maxi challenge win

The latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race saw the remaining eight queens of season 16 put together a “neo-goth” ensemble from scratch. Favorites among the fans were Nymphia Wind and Dawn who created sickening garment looks.

Ultimately, Ru crowned Q as the the maxi challenge telling the queen “From the silhouette down to the texture to the construction, it is exquisite. And then the lining – oh my gosh. Wow. Just beautiful.”

While many congratulated the queen on her victory, many others opposed Q’s challenge win online. Fellow queens also responded to the hate. 

Nymphia Wind wrote:  “DON’T YOU DARE SEND HATE TO Q OR ANY OF THE S16 GIRLIES or this banana will unleash.”





In a separate X post, Wind once again tried to shut down the negative comments being sent Q’s way, posting: “Clock the teea enough is enough. Im proud of what Q did with the amount of time given LIKKEEE??? a deserving win in my opinion.”

Season 12 star Jan Sport also commented on the issue, in support of Q and effectively telling the haters to back off. 

“Wait wait wait wait wait… yall didn’t think she should have won…? So much so she had to deactivate her ACCOUNT!? WHO THEN?!? Haters are actually such pathetic jealous bricks. Y’all can’t pick up a pencil to write your name let alone make a garment like that. Gross.




Despite Q herself responding to some of the negative comments, the overwhelming online response to the challenge forced the queen to disable her X account without notice. 

Hopefully, we see our queen return to the platform feeling better than ever

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