Drag Race UK finally reveals season 4 cast

Drag Race UK finally reveals season 4 cast

RuPaul's Drag Race UK is back for the fourth season of the cult drag competition series. A new season means a new set of queens ready to cut down the competition and do whatever it takes to win.

At long last, RuPaul and the show producers finally revealed the next 12 queens taking over the UK stage and serving all the charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent they have. 

As usual, RuPaul will remain as host and will be joined on the judging panel by Michelle Visage, Graham Norton, and Alan Carr. 

This season’s special celebrity guest judges include names like Mel B, Dame Joanna Lumley, Olly Alexander, FKA Twigs and more.

Get to know each of the newcomers and let us know who you think has the chops to take home the coveted crown!





“My drag is pretty, it's punk. It's always pretty black. We love a reference to our culture,” says Baby in her Meet the Queens clip. “ I love kinda playing with the ideas of where black culture and alternative culture kinda meet in the middle and what that means for me. “

“I studied musical theater so I do like singing, dancing, acting…if you're lip-syncing against me, know what you're doing!” 

Black Peppa




“So what does my name Black Peppa come from? I love spicy food.” But the UK cartoon Peppa Pig also inspired her name, Black Peppa says. “Nah Peppa Pig is an OG.”

“People look at my drag and they’re like “that's not fair, how can you look stunning and turn it around on the stage?”

“I am a futuristic fanbot, I am a creative genius. Drag is that outlet that allows me to feel my oddball and my goofiness. I am one of the real girls. Let’s go!”

Cheddar Gorgeous




“My name is Cheddar Gorgeous. Living spectacle, cultural icon and of course, i am the queen bee of Manchester,” declares Cheddar. 

“Throughout my long career, I’ve always tried to bring something new to drag. We can play around with gender, we can play around with class. Pushing our boundaries and our buttons—that is what makes drag so incredibly punk.”

Copper Top



 “I came into drag super late. In real life im 38 but in my drag life, im four years old. I'm still a baby!”

“I'm all about performance. Nobody expects when a camp old bird jumps into the splits.There are four people who inspire my drag. Victoria Wood. Julie Walters and the third and fourths—the cheeky girls.”

Dakota Schiffer



“Im making herstory as the first trans girl to walk through the doors of Drag Race UK. Im so excited to be representing my trans sisters, siblings and brothers—and I cant wait!”

“I’ve dreamed of being on the show since I watched it and im so excited to meet my new sisters. Bring it on!”

Danny Beard




“I am the first beared queen on Drag Race UK. I am making ‘hair-story’ with my hairy chiny-chin-chin.”

“I think its fair to say that im a bit of an icon in the drag scene. I can act, I can sing, I’m funny. My drag is about throwing the rule book out the window. I dont conform to what peopl you think you should be.”

Jonbers Blonde


I definitely put myself in the fashion category. I’ve been a fashion editor of several magazines, I've walked runways in London and Paris.”

While talking about her performance style, Blonde says, “When you come to see my show, you're gonna see a lot of movement. It's like coming to watch a crab perform.”

“These queens need to understand something: way on around your own front door, that means in Irish, ‘get off my turf!” 

Just May


“These queens better be scared,” warns Essex queen Just May. “If there is one thing I am in this world, it is versatile.”

“What makes Just May unique? It has to be my sense of humor. I put smiles on people's faces—Im just a sarcastic bitch in a red wig.”

“It’s May all the way!”

Le Fil


“I'm your all singing, all dancing, all sewing chinese popstar! Le FIl is the thread that joins art, fashion, music and sculpture. Breaking genre, breaking gender, living something new and fresh!.”

“I want to give you the best show…Im gonna serve 24/7. Welcome to heaven!”

Pixie Polite


“I am the bell of Brighton and the campiest cow in the Southeast!I think I’m quite unique. I’ve got a lot of experience, you know. I can sing, I can act, I can do comedy.”

“I have been waiting for this moment for years. Im spreading my legs and my talent like a little bit of pixie dust. I hope the judges fall under my spell!”

Sminty Drop



“I definitely would say that Im more of a luxe queen,” says Sminty. However, she says she's not a luxe queen that just sits around looking pretty. “You will see me running from the bottom floor of the club to the top floor of the club.”

“These other queens should be very worried about me.”





“Im the polished pinup of season 4,” says Starlet describing her herself. “Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, all eyes on them at all times which is something I relate to.”

“I put all of my time and energy into visuals. Each look is its own unique fantasy and that’s what kinda like keeps me going. Its my greatest passion.” 

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