Drag Society X Raja Summer 2022 Full Box Spoilers

Drag Society X Raja Summer 2022 Full Box Spoilers

“Did somebody call for an EYE-con?”

Because this season, Drag Society and Raja are partnering up for the Summer 2022 Box. Together, we have put together an ethereal collection of products fit for a queen! 

Packed full of Raja-approved fashion accessories and drag must-haves, this is one of our most creative boxes yet! Specially curated by “Auntie Raja,” each item was thoughtfully designed to showcase our hero queens' personality and individuality. 

Get to know what’s inside the Drag Society X Raja box below. Even better, show us how you use your products by tagging us in all your social media posts. 



Because so many other queens have recreated this memorable look, we decided to try our hand at it. This soft, wearable and breathable beanie perfectly channels Raja’s infamous Season 3 entrance look and can be worn all year round. 

Complete with the all-seeing eye and fluffy lashes you too can be an “eyecon.” Embroidered on the back is Raja’s name and official logo. 

Tasseography Tea Cup


Next time you’re spilling the tea, don’t forget to use this stunning tasseography tea set. 

Tasseography is the art of identifying symbols and interpreting messages found in the shapes and patterns of tea leaves. This fortune-telling tradition has intrigued many for centuries and is used as a divination tool to explore the past, present, and future. Instructions on how to read your cup are listed on the box. 

Whether you are looking for life's greatest answers or simply sipping on your morning coffee, our stylish tea set will look fab in any setting. 

The Raja Notebook 


Faux leather bound and embossed, this gorgeous notebook is perfect to use as a dream journal, diary, sketchbook, or for simple memo-taking. 

Small binder rings make taking out or putting in pages a breeze and the handy bookmark saves your place until a new entry. To help keep your notes and thoughts safe is a wrap-around tie closure with a dainty star pendant. 

Colored Pencil Pack


To go along with your vintage notebook is a pack of colored pencils. Presharpened and ready to design, let your creativity run wild with this set of 48 oil-based pencils. 

These tools feature a rich pigment and smooth layering for sketching, drawing, and doodling. Subscribers also receive a handy pencil holder to keep their tools nice and organized. 

One of Raja’s favorite hobbies includes drawing. “It gives me a sense of peace and calm,” Raja says. “I get to put all the weird and beautiful thoughts in my head to paper.”

The “Blue Goddess” Collectors Pin

Paying homage to her Indonesian heritage, Raja's pin features one of her fiercest looks of all time. Channeling her goddess form, this queen is ready to take on the All-Stars 7 competition with all her tools in hand. 

Looking for ways to use your enamel pin? Put it on display via a classic denim jacket, a canvas bag or add it to your favorite hat. 

Lurella “What’s Your Sign” Palette (Continuing Subscriber Bonus Item)


Speaking of “eyeconic,” this astrology-themed palette will take your make-up game to the next level. Inspired by all 12 signs, the palette contains 25 bold, bright, and pressed shimmers. 

No neutral looks here! This product screams vibrant colors, dramatic cut creases, and glitter. Lurella challenges users to their birthday month colors for a fun eye that is uniquely you. 

Signed Raja Portrait

Each Drag Society box comes complete with a signed portrait of our “Hero Queen.” This season features an image of our fashion queen exclusively done for Drag Society. 

Clad in a gold and black ensemble with a dramatic collar and matching metallic platform boots, Raja Gemini continues to prove why she’s “a winner, baby!”

Join Drag Society for an exclusive curation of drag merch and products put together by your favorite celebrity drag queens!

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