Free Britney Spears rallies were held worldwide amid legal balttle

Fans unite for Free Britney Spears rallies

A series of "Free Britney Spears" rallies took place around the world on Tuesday, Nov. 10 as a judge heard Britney Spears' lawyer at a Los Angeles courthouse. The pop princess is fighting that she be freed from her father's legal conservatorship.

While the judge denied the request to remove her father from the conservatorship, Britney is allowed to request a co-conservator.
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In 2009, Britney put her musical career on hold due to her father, James Spear's health problems. This decision led to the cancellation of her second Vegas residency, Britney: Domination. Later, the singer checked herself into rehab for emotional distress.  

In a social media post, the singer wrote, "We all need to take time for a little 'me time.'"

Since her public mental health crisis in 2007, James was appointed to manage the singer's career, finances, and personal affairs.

According to Britney's attorney, the singer fears her father and refuses to perform while he is still in control.

Despite the news, fans still support the poster and her journey to seek freedom. In San Antonio, fans met at a local bar holding with placards reading “Free Britney, b***h” and “This conservatorship is toxic."

There, more than 20 drag queens came dressed in iconic Britney costumes and performed various Britney songs for fans.

A week before her court date, Britney posted a video on Instagram seemingly addressing the Free Britney Spears conversations.
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Organizers are already planning future rallies to support Britney. Protests and meetings are set for Dec. 16. when Britney's attorney will appear in court again to continue to fight her case.

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