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Get a peek at RuPaul's lavish mansion tour with Architectural Digest

The “Queen of Drag” and 62-year old superstar recently shared his Beverly Hills mansion with Architectural Digest, and it’s truly a home fit for America’s favorite drag competition host!

The home, built in 1980, was remodeled by interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard to fit RuPaul’s iconic aesthetic. The iconic host shares the residence with his husband and rancher Georges LeBar. 

Luxurious amenities include a “disco room” for “cocktails and dancing,” at-home production office, a bar, a large pool and an outdoor black and white dining room.

"We live in Hollywood — we live in show business — so we're not afraid of texture and color and bold statements," he said of the lavish dining area. "This may not be for everybody, but it's perfect for us. In fact, this may be my favorite room, but don't hold me to it.

However, fans can agree the true show-stopper in the home was RuPaul’s massive walk-in closet, which resulted of two bedrooms being combined.

“It’s very emotional for me to be in here,” RuPaul said. “Because I remember, ‘Oh, I remember I wore that on the episode where…’ or ‘Oh, right, I bought that at this little boutique in France.’

Complete with racks of color-coded clothing and stylish matching accessories cabinets, his the space is the ultimate dream closet!

Viewers of the home tour will notice that each room features RuPaul’s favorite color, orange.

“It just makes me happy, and if you can’t be happy in your own home, how the hell [are] you gonna be happy anywhere else?” RuPaul said, playing off one of his catchphrases.

Be sure to watch the video below for a full house tour!

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