Get ready to meet your top four All Star's 7 queens

Get ready to meet your top four All Star's 7 queens

In the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars, the judges revealed which queens will compete in next week’s LaLaPaRUza smackdown for the crown. 

The new airing saw each queen competing in a variety show for a chance to be in the top four. This was a crucial performance for the competitors as this was the first time in the season that an official elimination would take place.

**WARNING** This post contains some major season 7 spoilers ahead, so please read at your own risk!!

RuPaul has always loved to keep its queens and viewers on their toes. So, before announcing the week's competition, the famed host shared that the winner would be receiving THREE legendary stars. 

This would allow all of the queens a real shot at a spot among the finalists. No doubt the show creators completely upended the competition with the move, resulting in some excited fans and some who are calling “Rigga Morris.”

So who are the four lucky queens still in the contest, hoping to conquer the competition and sashay away with a title and grand prize. Below, we will share which lucky artists go on to the finale as well as break down each of their impressive star rankings.


 Monét X Change




In a surprise challenge win,  Monét X Change and Shea Coulee came out on top, earning three stars each for their performances in the Drag Race Gives Back Variety Extravaganza talent show. Additionally, Monét was given the power to grant a spot in the top four to Trinty The Tuck or Jaida Essence Hall (both who tied with three stars). Ultimately, Monét chose to save her season 4 winning sister, Trinity.

Shea Coulee




Miss Shea Coulee started the episode with the lowest number of legendary stars. However, all that changed when the season five winner won the Variety Show alongside Monét which was worth three stars. Now, you can see Coulee compete in the grand finale with four Legendary Legend Stars.

Jinkx Monsoon




It looks like it might be Monsoon Season again cuz Jinkx made the top 4! Monsoon, who ended up with four stars to her name, has been a favorite to win. She is the queen with the most challenge wins and the second-highest number of stars.  And after an hilarious Snatch Game and her consistent challenge wins, it’s easy to see why she’s a top contender. 

Trinity The Tuck




With four maxi challenge wins and three legendary stars under her belt, Trinity The Tuck is in it to win it. In the last episode, Trinity tied with Jaida Essence Hall with three stars. But was ultimately chosen by her “twinners” ally Monét X Change to compete in the finale. Which season four winning queen will turn out on top?

What that means for the bottom four?

Unfortunately, that means Jaida Essence Hall, Raja, The Vivienne, and Yvie Oddly, did not qualify for the Lip Sync Lalaparuza Smackdown for the crown. However, they will still compete in a lip sync battle of their own. 

While the top four queens compete in the Lip Sync Lalaparuza Smackdown for the crown of queen of queens, the bottom for will compete in the Lip Sync Lalaparuza Smackdown to be crowned as “the queen of she done already done had hers.” The winner of the bottom four lip sync battle will win a dazzling prize of $50,000.

The RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 7 grand final premieres on Paramount+ on Thursday, July 28. Make sure to tune in to see which queen will prevail the competition and take home the crown!

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