Gia Gunn banned from TikTok after posting videos ranking fellow drag queens

Gia Gunn banned from TikTok after posting videos ranking fellow drag queens

Drag Race All Stars season 4 alum Gia Gunn is seemingly banned from TikTok after posting a series of videos where she rates and ranks fellow queens from the hit franchise.

In her first video in the series, Gunn says she will “rank these queens in order of how bad they’d get clocked if they were trans.” According to reports, the TikTok account has been unavailable since last Thursday. 

While ranking season 1 queen Akashia, Gunn said: ““B*tch, you are a t*****, you’re not getting spooked one bit.”

While Gunn is proudly out as transgender, she does use a derogatory and offensive term to describe transgender people. Many speculate this is one reason for her account being suspended.  



In the rest of the video, Gunn went on to say that queens like Mayhem Miller, Crystal Methyd, Joey Jay, Victoria “Porkchop” Parker, and Naysha Lopez “would get clocked” if they were trans, according to Gunn’s logic. While Akashia, Bosco, Brooke Lynn Hytes, Trinity the Tuck, and Kahanna Montrese would get clocked.

In a second video, Gunn decided to say the first word that came to mind when thinking of various drag stars. The results are as follows:

Dax ExclamationPoint: “not sure”, Jaida Essence Hall: “talented”, Jade: “trade”, Manila Luzon: “sister”, Vivienne Pinay: “Asian”, Kelly Mantle: “trans”, Shangela: “questionable”, Yvie Oddly: “big d*ck”, Jasmine Masters: “funny”, Blair St. Clair: “fishy”.


The Drag Race alum is no stranger to controversy. She previously found herself in hot water when she threw some shade at fellow transgender drag stars, after posting online “So happy to see a trans person on an actual season of drag race,” the drag artist posted along with a transgender flag emoji. “The doors that I’ve opened…”

What are your thoughts on Gunn actions? Sound off in the comments below!

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