Gia Gunn shades queens who attended DragCon LA 2022. (Image: World of Wonder)

"What happened to the glamour?": Gia Gunn shades DragCon LA 2022 queens:

DragCon LA took place this past weekend and featured a historic number of queens after the annual event was put on hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While plenty of fans were ecstatic about all the icons who walked this year’s pink carpet, All-Stars 4 queen Gia Gunn says she felt otherwise.

“Say what you want but I saw 0 beauty at this year’s drag con…” Gunn said in her original tweet. “what happened to the glamour? [shrug emoji].”

While fans were quick to pick up on the not-so-discreet burn, fellow queens were even quicker to tweet back Gia with a response.

Shea Couleé simply stated, “A true comedy queen” while Trixie Mattel pleaded, “Gia please never change lol.”

Meanwhile, BenDeLaCreme apologized for not showing up this year, “I’M SORRY I WAS JUST SO BUSY I’LL BE SURE TO POP BY NEXT TIME.”

Gunn later tweeted “On the other hand… I think I was giving? Rate my look 1-10 if you have the nerve!” she added, sharing photos of her in a classic slitted black dress.

While some didn't take her statement too seriously, others were a bit “hurt” by her words.

Heidi N Closet came in hot responding, “Now I usually don’t say anything especially when it comes to messy, foolish, and clearly incorrect social media post, but this time Ms. @GiaGunn I feel like this is a step too far. As sisters, we should build each other up not tear each other down. Until you learn that, take a seat." 

Farrah Moan said, “I know somebody that looks like the human embodiment of the Scream mask didn’t just come up everybody’s DragCon looks lol.”

Gia sent a shady reply, saying “I know this girl/boy whatever you are who needs drama to stay relevant is as inflamed as the Pillsbury Doughboy and shames sex workers is not trying to come for it.”

Canada’s Drag Race season two star Oceane Aqua-Black had a more emotional reaction to Gunn’s original words.

“I think this tweet is a little bit hurtful and I say that with respect towards you without attacking you. I put a lot of effort in my drag for my first DragCon like many people. I even waved at you and you passed me by and ignored me totally.”

This isn’t the first time Gunn has been at the center of social media controversy. Whether it’s calling the COVID-19 a “hoax” or reflecting on the “doors” she “opened” for transgender contestants on “Drag Race,” Gia Gunn is known for stirring up a little drama here and there.

But more likely than not, her comments are to become “meme-able” material for the rest of the drag community. 

DragCon LA 2022 opened its doors at the Downtown Los Angeles convention center to about 500,000 guests from May 13-15 with 150 drag queens making appearances throughout the day.

“The family is back together again, and we’re looking good,” RuPaul said to the crowd when cutting a pink ribbon to ceremonially officially kick off open the convention on Friday.

“This is really a labor of love for us, and we’ve been gone for a few years now, but we are back, back, back, again.”

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