Gigi Goode shares intimate moment in her transition journey on Avalon TV

Gigi Goode shares intimate moment in her transition journey on Avalon TV

Gigi Goode is letting fans in during an intimate time for the young reality TV star. A clip promoting “Avalon TV” shows Goode as she undergoes breast augmentation surgery as a part of her transition journey. 

In an exclusive for Out, Goode details her feelings while being administered anesthesia and laid out on the table for surgery. 



“You know, girls, I’m feeling very good. It still hasn’t hit me that I’m having surgery. My mom had brought up the concern of this feeling like, people already hate the [redacted] and now they’re going to be like, ‘Oh, see, all they want is attention for this and that,’” the Avalon TV star said. 

“But for me, it’s more like… I love a project and this is a very personal project.”

After surgery, Goode looks at herself in the mirror to react to her new breasts. She immediately tears up as she sees that reflection of herself. “They’re perfect,” she says.




Goode’s surgery comes two years after officially coming out as transgender. The RuPaul’s Drag Race season 12 star has since walked fashion shows and appeared on several World of Wonder shows. 

AVALON TV is also celebrating its renewal for a second season. The comedy series features drag performers of House of Avalon, including Symone, Gigi Goode, Marko Monroe, Grant Vanderbilt, Hunter Crenshaw, Rylie Holden, and Caleb Feeney.

The news of a new season was officially announced on Tuesday and will continue to stream exclusively on WOW Presents Plus. 

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