Farida Kant apologizes shade thrown at Lady Camden

Farida Kant apologizes shade thrown at Lady Camden

Drag Race Italia queen Farida Kant made headlines this week after appearing to shade the Werq The World tour and fellow queen Lady Camden in the process. 

According to Pride,  Kant originally shared an Instagram story that featured a video of Lady Camden performing her number on the current Werq the World tour. In the post, she attempted to explain that Italian queens are not given the same opportunities as others. 

“This is Lady Camden, an internationally famous drag queen, a medium-level dancer, background dancers, and a costume made by someone else,” Kant wrote in an Instagram story. 

“She travels the world with Werq the World and earns [a lot of money]. We, Italian drag girls, are excluded from all this even though our level is the same, if not better.”

Kant’s post received plenty of attention from fans and fellow queens. 








However, on Tuesday, October 24, the Drag Race Italia star took to her social media and apologized for criticizing Camden and to clarify what her message was really about. 

“My criticism was directed to the Italian system, which despite our efforts and ability does not invest in the Italian drag world,” Kant wrote in the post.

 “I find myself having to fight hard to carve out my space in environments that are not exclusively part of my community.  I was wrong to bring up Lady Camden. I did it instinctively when watching one of her shows. I should have made a generic speech and for this, I apologize, to her first and foremost.”

She continued, “Other than that, I am trying to do my part in Italy, which has always believed little in this art and in our community. I can only offer myself and my skills in the hopes that we are seen as human beings, artists, and no longer as a freak show.”

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