Drag queen makeup tutorials to get you costume ready for Halloween

Drag queen makeup tutorials to get you costume ready for Halloween


Drag queens not only own the runway, but they also RULE Halloween! After all, who else would we turn to for beauty, drama and shock value?

Ahead, we've compiled some of the best Halloween lewks to recreate this year! All of these looks are creative, outside the box and can easily be recreated with a little preparation. It's the age-old saying: Go big or go home!

Party City Clown by Bob The Drag Queen

For those in need of a quick DIY costume, head to Party City! Bob The Drag Queen sets out on a quest to come up with a fierce Halloween lewk using items found at the party store retailer. With a simple paint set, cheap blue wig, and sparkly ensemble, you too can serve as a colorful yet chic clown.

Freddie Kruger by Crystal Methyd

Crystal stunned the judges with this fall runway get-up! This cooky queen paid homage to the Springwood Slasher himself, complete with a tattered tunic and a sinister smile. No doubt, everyone will be dying to know how you came up with such a killer costume.


Cruella de Vil by Gottmik

Want to go with something a bit more fashion-forward? Gotmik’s gotcha covered with a Cruella de Vil-inspired look. Inspired by the live-action Disney’s Cruella film, Gotmik combines couture with London’s 70s punk rock style. Even more, this look works with just about any black and white outfit to really give it that villainous feel.


Python by Denali

Be the queen of the jungle this year with a sexy python look. Denali shared her favorite fit from her season and even a tutorial to help you achieve the same look! What we love about Denali’s video is that she takes us step-by-step, making your python-inspired costume fool-proof. Complete your look with a set of snake-eye contacts and snake-skin clothing. 


Disco Fish by Charity Kase

Known for her alternative style of drag Charity Kase is winning Halloween with this eccentric creation. The look is a cross between a sea monster and a disco queen- a costume that will surely keep all eyes on you. Charity finishes her look with a glittering crown, iridescent scales, and a pair of bedazzled skates.


Maleficent by Nina West

Follow along as Nina West (AKA the Queen of Disney) transforms into the Mistress of Evil. This look is inspired by the 2019 Maleficent sequel starring Angelina Jolie. However, Nina explains the final look also pays homage to the villain of the original film.


Medusa by Shannel

Shannel is sending us with the recreation of her iconic Medusa look. A dark sultry smokey eye and an eye-catching headpiece is all you need to own Halloween. Some versions of the myth say that Medusa was always a monster while others believe she was once a beautiful woman who was cursed. Whatever the case, you’ll leave your friends stone-cold with envy!



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