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HBO's We're Here stars face arrest and cult accusations in season 4 trailer

Max has released the trailer for the upcoming fourth season of its critically acclaimed reality series We’re Here.

The fourth season of We’re Here has four new cohosts: RuPaul’s Drag Race superstars Sasha Velour, Priyanka, Jaida Essence Hall, and Latrice Royale. 

Season 4 is set to take place in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, as well as in surrounding towns. But given the political climate against the LGBTQ+ community, drag artists, and trans people in the last few years, the new We’re Here queens will also reflect on anti-LGBTQ+ legislation and explore how these laws are hurting our community.

“Right now in the world, people who are different are being extremely targeted,” Jaida says in the trailer. Latrice adds, “Our survival is at risk. We have to stand up.”

The show helps participants put together a drag showing their hometowns while examining the anti-LGBTQ+ legislation that has impacted the country. However, this season sees the queens facing some serious situations in the name of justice and equality. 

"Because they tried to cancel Pride, it's important that we make drag a spectacle. We're not hiding. We're not going anywhere," Priyanka says in the trailer. 

"Honey, you can't kill drag," Jaida adds in the clip, just before an off-camera person dramatically informs the queens that they "might get arrested" if they proceed with a demonstration.

Later, the clip shows Priyanka and Sasha addressing two critics, one of whom calls them "people in the LGBTQ religion." 

"It's definitely not a religion', Sasha replies. One of the critics continues to tell her "it's still a religious cult."


Since the series debuted in 2020, it has won four Emmy Awards and a Peabody. 

The first three seasons of We’re Here featured Bob the Drag Queen, Shangela, and Eureka as the main cohosts of the series.

“We’re Here” returns on Friday, April 26 at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and will be available to stream on Max, with new episodes debuting weekly.

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