Heidi N Closet is revealing just how much money she spent on season 8 All Star looks

Heidi N Closet is revealing just how much money she spent on season 8 All Star looks

The 28-year-old fan favorite returned to the franchise after winning the title of Miss Congeniality during her original season, ultimately finishing in sixth place overall.

Since news of her return to ‘All Stars 8’ Heidi has been sharing bits of her experience on the hit drag competition show on her various social media platforms.

This week, she is spilling the tea on just how much money she spent creating her fabulous season 8 All Star's ensembles. 

“Season 12 spent 4,000,” she shared on 30 May. “Alas stars spent 40,000…after canceling 60,000 dollars worth of gigs.”

One of Heidi’s followers asked the queen if she thought it “was worth spending that much money."



I can say I’m proud of everything so yes,” she responded.

Asked by a Twitter user why she spent so much on the contest, Heidi, who placed 6th on season 12, replied: “Because In REALITY the only reasons I was in the bottom on season 12 was my runways and I wanted to make sure that wasn’t the case this time around.

“I refuse to be put in the bottom not because of my talent but because of my clothes.”

Heidi is not the first queen to reveal costs for outfits bought or made for the show. Season 15 star Mistress Isabelle Brooks recently sparking headlines after revealing she spent $100,000 (£80,561) on her drag for her season.  

In the past, former Drag Race stars have called on the show to provide contestants with a set budget to spend on drag, to even the playing field and prevent the competition leaning in favor with the queen which has access to more money rather than talent. 

All Stars 8’ is currently airing on Paramount Plus in the US and WOW Presents Plus. 

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