Heidi N Closet reveals real reason for All Star's 8 departure

Heidi N Closet reveals real reason for All Star's 8 departure

Heidi N Closet shocked viewers with her decision to leave All Star’s 8. Fans speculated something was up in an episode after the queens Snatch Game performance. 

Kahanna Montrese complained about N Closet seemingly making the Snatch Game even harder for her. Right after this situation was hashed out between them, N Closet was caught up in another drama about Kandy Muse allegedly saying that she was planning to eliminate Jimbo from the competition. 

While Heidi confirmed that she did hear this from Muse, and asked Alexis Michelle to back her up, Michelle did not fully confirm what was said. Ultimately, Heidi decided to leave, telling Kandy backstage: “I need my peace. I need my joy. I’ve lost it here.”

Replying to a fan via Twitter, Heidi put her decision to quit All Stars 8 was down to “mostly mental health” and “how messy the girls were being.”

Heidi also  added that since filming she had dealt with “sadness, depression and anger”, before reminding fans: “I’m not perfect but I’m growing”.



Heidi continued: “If you’re not happy with something then make the change yourself. That’s what the LGBTQIA+ community has been doing since the first brick was thrown at stonewall and even before.”

She also revealed how Beyonce ultimately reassured her about her decision to leave the competition prematurely, writing:



“When I left #AllStars8 about half way home Break My Soul started playing and I knew I had made the right decision!!!” she tweeted. “I wanna say again thank you all for so much love Remember to put yourself first!”

Those still remaining in the running for the title and cash prize for All Stars 8 are Jimbo, Alexis Michelle, Kahanna Montrese, Jaymes Mansfield, Kandy Muse, Jessica Wild and LaLa Ri. 

Who do you think will take their rightful place in the Drag Race Hall of Fame? Let us know in the comments below!

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 8 continues on Fridays on Paramount+

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