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Heidi N Closet reveals the REAL reason she quit All Star's 8

Her name may be Heidi N Closet, but you won't see this queen “hiding” anything. After first being introduced to the RPDR fandom in season 12, Heidi returned for All-Star’s 8.

 However, drama among the competitors led our favorite gap-toothed queen to choose to leave the show during the Snatch Game episode. 

Now, Heidi sat down for a scathing interview on Exposed With Joseph Shepherd, and is setting the record straight on why she decided to leave the All-Star’s season 8 competition early. 

To refresh our reader's minds, the Snatch Game episode saw Heidi leave towards the end and it revealed that Kandy had suggested to Heidi that she would break her pact with Jimbo. Heidi then apparently told Jimbo this, and Jimbo confronted Kandy – who denied everything.

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“Me and Kandy had our own conversation off the TV and she was like, ‘You told Jimbo what I said,’ and I was like, ‘that’s the same thing you did to me when you told Kahanna [Montrese, fellow competitor] what I said.”

She continued, “If you go back and watch the Untucked where I’m talking about leaving for the first time, look at the wide shot. Everyone else around us is talking to each other. It’s just me and Kandy talking to each other. They had to blow that audio up so you could hear it because I was whispering to Kandy in that instance. 

“But what they don’t show is that Kandy tries to get me to go over to the side and talk about it. And I was like, ‘I don’t wanna talk about it right now.’ So instead of just leaving it, she grabs Kahanna, goes across the room, and tells Kahanna everything I just said on camera. And that’s how the producers knew I wanted to quit.”

"And then she's told me, 'The producers were the ones that kept having me do that to you.' I was like, 'Well, you told them no to the final lip sync song against Jimbo, why didn't you tell them no then? Because you could've.' I told them 'no' all the time."

According to Heidi, at that point, other queens could have easily left the competition with her. 

“Honestly, I wish the other girls would’ve walked out right behind me too because they wanted to [quit] just as bad. As you saw, Kahanna wanted to leave two weeks later. A lot of the other girls wanted to leave that same day. Most of them, actually. All but two. (…) Jimbo and Jessica, they didn’t wanna go. Everyone else wanted to quit.”

Catch Heidi's entire interview below:


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