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How Alaska really feels about not being invited for All Stars 7

In a twist like no other, fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race were suprised with an All Stars season made up of former competition winners. However, this meant that many queens were not some winners weren't asked back to take part in the show. 

In the Race Chaser’s podcast episode of the All-Stars 7 premiere, AS 2 winner, Alaska spoke out as to why she isn’t competing in the current winners season. 

“I was very apprehensive going into [this season]. Because when I wasn’t asked to be on it, I was very, very emotional and I was very, very hurt and sad by that. So, I was like, ‘Is this going to be too hard? Is it going to be really difficult for me to even watch and talk about it?’ And I just have to say that it’s really so incredible, and I’m so glad that this is happening, and I’m so glad that this is happening with these girls. [With] the energy of ‘nobody is going home,’ everyone is just [delivering] f*cking home run after home run.”


However, co-host Willam theorized another reason why producers didnt extend the invitation– at least not yet anyway.

“You know what I’ve deduced, though? About them not asking you to be on it? They want you competing against Sharon Needles, and Sharon Needles is not allowed on TV right now because people would scream and protest. So, once she is allowed on TV again, maybe in a few years, you’ll be back to compete with her,” said Willam. “ Because they want that personal relationship between you two on display. They want to milk it. They want to use your personal relationship. And they can’t do that right now, so that’s why you were not asked to be there.”

Alaska originally compete in season 5 of the hit drag reality competition show. She was then invited to compete in All-Stars 2 where she took home the crown. 

Other queens like season six’s Bianca Del Rio and season eight’s Bob The Drag Queen have also spoken out about their absence from the season. Bob took to her podcast Sibling Rivalry and revealed that she “literally just did not get a call.” 

“They did not reach out to me. I want everyone to know: I was free as a bird with its tail in the breeze. I was helping Monét get ready, actually," Bob said. 

The Queens who are competing this season include Jaida Essence Hall (Season 12), Jinkx Monsoon (Season 5), Monet X Change (AS 4), Raja (Season 3), Shea Couleé (AS 5), Trinity 'The Tuck' (AS 4), The Vivienne (UK 1), Yvie Oddly (Season 11).



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