Jinkx Monsoon's All Stars 7 Snatch Game brings a fan-fave moment full circle

Jinkx Monsoon's All Stars 7 Snatch Game brings a fan-fave moment full circle

Season 5 champion, Jinkx Monsoon was a fan favorite during a time on the show, now she is  one of the queens currently competing on the all-winners season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 7. 

This time around Monsoon proved she still has her acting and comedy chops with this season's Snatch Game where she played as Natasha Lyonne in the first round and the iconic Judy Garland in the second. During her impersonation of Garland, Monsoon revived a fan-favorite moment from her season 5 makeup challenge with Army veteran Dave Lara. 

In the episode, Lara was given a drag makeover and revealed to Jinkx and Ru that he knew Judy Garland. The Army vet said he also believed he may have killed her by giving her sleeping pills before she died.

“You’re not responsible, darling,” Jinkx said while channeling Garland. “It’s all right. You’re forgiven.”


Recently, Lara spoke to Entertainment Weekly and reacted to the full circle moment. 

“I was seriously touched that she’d do that shout-out,” he noted. “It has gotten the 100 or so people who remember me to talk about me and, to this old man, that's trending, girl! I loved it. It was touching that she would do that, and I really loved the way the judges and everybody were cracking up about that because I know they remember that I killed Judy Garland.”

Despite her impressive portrayal this season, Jinkx says her experience on Drag Race isn’t without obstacles as she opened up to PopBuzz about the fandom. 

"I don't want to sit here and act like I've had a rough go because I've felt a lot of love throughout the years and I think the loyalty of my fanbase is why I'm working almost 10 years later after filming season 5 of Drag Race," said Monsoon in a clip from the news outlet. 

“But for a very sensitive, highly-anxious Virgo with OCD, I have been affected by things."



She then went on to talk about the reactions she has seen online about her body and that its a topic that frankly, shouldn’t be a topic of conversation at all. 

"My weight has nothing to do with the things that I'm good at," said the Drag Race winner. "I'm a singer and an actor and a comedian. Nowhere in the job description of being a singer, an actor, and a comedian does it say you have to be thin. But for some reason, people really love commenting on the way my body has changed over the last decade and I don't think that even needs to be part of the discussion."

Monsoon's thoughtful response only proves that hateful comments are simply "water off a ducks back."


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