Kahanna Montrese and Heidi N Closet Twitter feud explained

Kahanna Montrese and Heidi N Closet Twitter feud explained

All Star’s season 8 audience was left gobsmacked when Heidi N Closet decided to leave the competition earlier amid a feud involving Kahanna Montese and Kandy Muse. 

The clash occurred when Heidi told Jimbo that Kandy Muse was “coming for her”, because she had allegedly told Heidi and Alexis Michelle that off camera. Now, Heidi and Kahanna are reigniting their feud via Twitter. 

The two queens posted a series of tweets fighting each other. However, the social media drama first unfolded when Montrese shared the following tweet on Monday:

“Good girl gone bad! I’m the right one to play with! #imcomingforyou feel me with your hate I will turn it into my strength!”

N Closet replied: “Liking this tweet from Norway.”




The two queens spent the day going back and forth with Montrese calling out Heidi’s alleged “ginigvitis halitosis” breath and Heidi deeming the other “Kahanna ‘Crimson Chin’ Montrese”

According to Out, Montrese also “threatened” N Closet according to alleged text messages exchanged between them. But by Wednesday, the season 11 star has acknowledged her wrongdoing in how she handled this fight. 

“I had a moment guys! I had to remember none of this craziness even matters [laughing emoji]. Kahanna ‘my drag persona’ isn’t even real [laughing emoji]. I’m a fun-loving person and I’m gonna choose joy in everything I do going forward. I love you guys that keep things positive y’all inspire me to do better!”

“I’m the type of person I’ll take critique, admit when I’m wrong, and I’m down for a healthy debate. The way I handled things with Heidi was wrong. For so long I’ve been silenced & not taken [seriously], & I blew up I reached my breaking point. This has been a dark period for me.”


She ended her thread by saying, “I’m finding my light and reminding myself I’m not the same person from season 11! I came to All Stars for a fresh start. I deserve to give myself and you guys my best!”

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