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Kandy Muse shares scary assault experience with followers over the weekend

Over the weekend, Drag Race season 13 and All Stars 8 star Kandy Muse shared a scary assault experience with her followers. Muse shared a four-second clip on X/Twitter that appeared to show her arm with several deep, red scratches visible.

“Wasn’t going to post about this but might as well tell you babies to stay safe out there,”

“Last night at the club I was assaulted by a man that was groping me and clinging onto the back of my pants and wouldn’t let go of me even [though] I told him to let go of me and NO multiple times,” wrote the 29-year-old, New York-based drag star.

“He then got upset I wanted nothing to do with him and proceeded to attack me… people need to understand NO IS NO,” she added.




While Kandy maintained to fans that she was doing “okay” after the attack, she admits she was pretty shaken up. 

Muse, later spoke with Entertainment Weekly that she had tried several times to get the intoxicated man off of her.

“I was trying to push him off, telling him multiple times to stop [and to] get off me,” she told the outlet, adding that she didn’t want to name the venue for security reasons.

“After I shoved his arm off my pants, finally, he got upset and grabbed both of my arms, and f–king clawed his nails into my skin and was trying to fight me,” she recalled. 

“I believe it doesn’t matter how friendly or promiscuous [I am] or how short my shorts are,” the Bronx native said. “It doesn’t matter how attractive you may find it — it doesn’t give anyone the right or green light to just put their hands on anyone.”

Fans were quick to share their concern for the Drag Race star online. One X user even wrote: “I’m so glad you’re okay and safe. This shouldn’t happen to anyone, and people need to get it through their head no means NO. I hope you’re able to have fun on the cruise. Take care of yourself. “

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