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Katya returns to social media amid journey to recovery

On Monday, April 29, Katya shared some new posts amid her step back from the spotlight to enter rehab. The recent postings mark the first time since her break that she has returned to social media. 

Katya shared a cheeky post on X.  The post reads: "Drag name: Perry Menopausal."



Katya also shared an Instagram video with a filter that places her face over a finger. The post doesn't have a caption, but let's just say that enough is said (and seen) in the video!

"Somehow, fingers with faces on them feel good in a place like this," Lee Dawson wrote in the comments. "I really like it, but which finger is it? also hope you are feeling fine," Astra Zero commented.

While details of Katya’s recovery are rightfully being kept private, the drag star sounds like she is in good spirits during her time away. Another great update is that the stops in Cincinnati, Ohio, and Indianapolis, Indiana, will “proceed as planned,” according to the drag star. 

The star previously revealed that she was checking into treatment on 10 April and needed to postpone her tour with Mattel.

Fans were quick to flood the comments with well wishes and excitement to hear from their favorite star. 



We personally can't wait to see Katya back in action and on the road again!

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