KIta Mean reacts to winning Drag Race Down Under!

Kita Mean wins Drag Race Down Under season one

Kita Mean, you're a winner baby!

After eight drama-filled weeks of RuPaul's Drag Race Down Under, Mama Ru named Kita Mean as the Next Drag Superstar. Thanks to the Kiwi queen's colorful and campy drag style, Kita surpassed both Elektra Shock and Art Simone in the race for the crown.

When asked if she had anything to say regarding her win, Kita said: “Spread those f*cking wings, you can soar too!”
Kita Mean reacts to Drag Race win. (YouTube)

Evidently, this is a win the comes as a relief for fans of the series. Following the episode, viewers took to social media to praise the winner and celebrated the end of the season.

Safe to say, fans agree with Ru's choice for Drag's Next Superstar.

Down Under's season of controversy

Needless to say, this season of Drag Race has been one like no other. Viewers experienced nail-biting eliminations from Art Simone to Jojo Zaho. Even better was Art’s jaw-dropping return to the main stage and Elektra’s lip-sync assassin.

Despite a lively season, it's also an arguable one. Several controversies and incidents led to fans criticizing the show and contestants. To begin with, Etcetera Etcetera's Snatch Game performance when viral for all the wrong reasons. Her Lindy Chamberlain impersonation received immediate backlash, both online and on the show.

As RuPaul himself said during the game, “we’re all going to hell for this.”

However, it's Scarlet Adams's history involving blackface that really got fans talking...and tweeting.

“Despite this being a story I am deeply ashamed of and something I had tried to forget. I’ve come to realize in recent years that taking responsibility and admitting my mistakes is an important learning experience …," Adams said in a social media post.

“There is no way to sugar-coat it, when I was a teenager roughly eight years ago I performed in blackface/cultural appropriation. I was young and ignorant. I am no longer this person.”

Since the resurfaced images, Adams met with prominent non-white Australian drag queens to discuss making amends.

Prior to Drag Race’s casting announcement – fellow contestant Karen From Finance also issued an apology. After photographs of a large golliwog tattoo on their body reemerged on social media, many took to social media to condemn the ink.

Golliwogs, dolls that depict minstrel-like caricatures of black people, are considered culturally insensitive and racist.

Karen said the tattoo was inspired by a collection of the dolls he began when he was two. However, he now tells fans that the tattoo is covered up.

Not to mention, COVID-19 protocols made filming the true challenge. Amid, the highs and lows featured this season, it kept entertaining audiences worldwide. Truly, this season was one for the herstory books!

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