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Lady Gaga shares message on abortion and marriage equality during show

On Monday, popstar and actress Lady Gaga stopped in Washinton D.C. during the American leg of her Chromatic Ball tour. There, she spoke to her fans and relayed a special message about civil rights while in the nations capital. 

“I would like to dedicate this song to every woman in America. To every woman who now has to worry about her body if she gets pregnant. I pray that this country will speak up and we will not stop until it’s right!” 

During the song “The Edge of Glory” the songstress broke from the original lyrics. asking the audience, "What about all the women who are raped? what about all the women that are dying giving childbirth?"

Just before the end of the song, she addressed the crowd again, saying: "I didn't mean to be like a downer," she said. "But there's some s--- that's more important than show business."

She used a later portion of her set to air her worries about the government possibly interfering with gay marriage, something that the “Rain On Me” singer is a staunch advocate for as a  LGBTQ+ idol. 

“This might not be the national anthem, but it’s our national anthem!” she declared, before performing her smash single “Born This Way.” 

“They better not try to mess with gay marriage in this country!” Gaga's message warned fans which were met with cheers from the crowd.



Gaga’s statements come amid a turbulent time in politics following the Supreme Court’s June overturn of Roe v. Wade. Many states in the country have already established bans and heavy restriciton on abortion procedures. 

Even more, the overturning of abortion has worried many LGBTQ+ couples as they feel the Court may reconsider its stance on marriage equality next. 

Last year, on a  2021 episode of Oprah Winfrey and Prince Harry's AppleTV+ series The Me You Can't See, Gaga opened up about being a rape survivor. Througout the episode, she said she was raped and impregnated by a music producer early in her career, which resulted in severe trauma. 

Now, the “House of Gucci” star is using her global platform to shed light on an ongoing issue and encouraging fans to fight for their rights. 

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