Laverne Cox reveals her own Barbie doll to celebrate her 50th birthday

Laverne Cox reveals her own Barbie doll to celebrate her 50th birthday

Actress and trans advocate Laverne Cox is making history once again by inspiring a new Barbie doll, which was revealed just in time for her birthday. 

"As a four-time Emmy nominated actress, Emmy winning producer, and the first transgender woman of color to have a leading role on a scripted TV show, Laverne Cox embodies the values of the Tribute Collection," Barbie wrote in a press release.

"We are proud to highlight the importance of inclusion and acceptance at every age and to recognize Laverne's significant impact on culture," said Lisa McKnight, executive vice president and global head of Barbie and Dolls at Mattel.



 In an interview with People, Cox says the project was a “full-circle moment” as she recalled her childhood and how she wasn’t allowed to play with dolls despite wanting to. 

“I was telling my therapist how I was really shamed by my mother when I was a kid when I wanted to play with a Barbie doll but I was denied,” she continued. “And I had a lot of shame and trauma about that. And my therapist said to me, ‘It is never too late to have a happy childhood.’ She said, ‘Go out and buy yourself a Barbie and play with her. There’s a little kid that lives inside of you. Give her space to play.’ And I did.

The brand new doll is part of the Barbie Tribute Collection which honors influential figures with a doll in their likeness. Past dolls include Queen Elizabeth II, Lucille Ball and designer Vera Wang.

Cox’s figurine is depicted wearing a bold ruby-red tulle ballgown and a matching silver glitter bodysuit underneath. The “Inventing Anna” star wore an identical outfit for her Barbie-themed 50th birthday party last Sunday. 



Cox’s Barbie doll is available to purchase for $40 online and to help ring in Cox’s 50th birthday, Mattel announced it would make a donation to TransFamilySOS in the actress’ name.

“I think this year particularly when over 250 pieces of anti-transgender legislation have been introduced in state legislatures all over the country—targeting transgender children, LGBTQ youth,” Cox said to People. 

“I hope all the kids who are feeling stigmatized— when their health care is being jeopardized, their ability to play in sports—I hope they can see this Barbie and have a sense of hope and possibility. If they don’t see themselves in this Barbie, I hope they know that they can create spaces where they do see themselves, where they are represented, because representation matters.”

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