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Madonna's World AID's Day speech resonates deeply with fans

Madonna continues to prove she is a forceful ally to the LGBTQ+ community after a moment during a concert performance. 

The 65-year-old singer performed in Amsterdam during a stop on her Celebration Tour on Friday. On stage, she observed World AIDS Day with a passionate speech. 

“Today is World AIDS Day. Do you know that? Is that important to everybody,” she addressed the crowd. “Maybe it seems like it's so far away that it doesn’t mean anything, that it’s just another holiday. But let me explain something to you: there is no cure for AIDS, people still die of AIDS did you know that?”

“When I first came to New York, I was lucky enough to eventually meet and become friends with so many amazing artists, musicians, painters, singers, dancers, the list goes on and on... writers,” she said. “And then one day, people started getting sick, and nobody could understand what was happening… People were just starting to lose weight. People were dropping like flies. They were going to the hospital and nobody knew what was happening.”



Madonna then reflected on a time when stigmas against the LGBTQ+ community were more common than today. 

“Can you imagine what it was like in that time when being gay was considered sinful and disgusting? When suddenly the vast majority of the gay community started dropping like flies and people were dying everywhere,” she continued. 

“When I say that they were dying everywhere, I’m not exaggerating. Every day I would wake up and hear a new story, a new friend, I’d be visiting someone new, I’d be sitting by their bedside watching somebody die.”

She then started to tear up as she recalled those she lost to the devastating virus.

 “I personally lost so many friends, so many loved ones that I would have cut off my arms if I could’ve found a cure for them to live,” she said with her voice breaking. “I watched so many people die, male and female, children, straight, gay, etc.”

“I’m not saying this cause I want you to feel sorry for me,” she closed. “I want you to recognize how lucky you are right now to be alive!”

Elton John, in particular, was entirely moved by her message and thanked Madonna for her continuing efforts to create change for LGBTQ+ people. For this, he posted a shout out back in October thanking her for visibility surrounding t=the HIV/AIDS crisis. 

On his Instagram page, Elton wrote, “​​We’re deeply moved by the heartfelt tribute from @madonna during her Celebration Tour performance of “Live to Tell”, honoring the 40.4 million people we’ve lost to AIDS.




“Thank you, Madonna, for your advocacy and compassion, and for raising important awareness of the ongoing mission to end AIDS.

The pop icon has been a long-time advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, from dressing as a Boy Scout to combat homophobia to her 1999 MTV Video Music Awards tribute featuring drag queens. 

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