Malaysia Babydoll Foxx has a message for racist and fatphobic online trolls

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx has a message for racist and fatphobic online trolls

Months after Mistress Isabelle Brooks dealt with fat phobic attacks and repeatedly got her Instagram account deactivated, another season 15 queen is being targeted with hateful messages and threats online.

Malaysia Babydoll Foxx tweeted a message for the internet haters alongside screenshots of just some of the comments flooding her inbox. 

“Happy Black History Month. If you are a supporter of me please don’t send Marcia hate. These clowns do not represent her. Just exposing keyboard thugs! I dare you to take a trip to Miami I guarantee it’ll be a permanent stay! #ImOnThat I’ll show you!”

The comments are likely stemming from an Untucked episode where Marcia and Malaysia rehashed a conflict from earlier in the episode in which their respective teams clashed over choosing a genre for the girl group maxi challenge.

After Marcia claimed that they were “so sick” of talking about the subject, Malaysia Babydoll Foxx stood her ground and asked not be be interrupted.

“Please do not cut me off,” she said. “Do not disrespect me. And today, I will stand my ground. I will not be disrespected.”

Malaysia, who is currently competing for the season 15 crown, followed up with another tweet condemning the social media users.

“Using [monkey] emojis and fat shaming me is insane,” she continued. “I didn’t realise I was fat and black until I got on Drag Race.”


Marcia and several fellow Drag Race alum have offered their support amid the vile comments being sent to Malaysia. 

“You’re officially a Black Drag Queen from Drag Race now!!! Welcome to the family!!!,” Heidi N Closet replied. “It’s disgusting what the whack, racist, keyboard idiots say in the comforts of their own homes. Sending you so much love darling.”

Willam wrote: “its disgusting that you’re going thru this. the fan base has always been hella racist. if you wanna come and vent on our pod, u have an open invitation”

Marcia tweeted out hoping to shutdown the idea of any feud going on between Malaysia and reassuring they have nothing but love for eachother. 

 “I absolutely love @foxxy_doll. Sisters fight, but at the end of the day, it’s all love.”

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