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Mayhem Miller is calling out the trolls for continued hate messages over UK vs The World

After her short-lived gig competing on the second season of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World, Miller revealed she is still receiving hate messages and is standing up to trolls with a stern message. 

“Well… I guess being the nice guy isn’t working,” Mayhem wrote in an Instagram post. “Apparently, I need to go back to my old ways to get the point across cuz too many motherf*ckas think my kindness is a sign for weakness. I'm no punk-ass bitch. So don’t be confused. I fight.”

She continued, “I choose violence from now on. I’ve had it! The problem is some of you ain’t never had your ass kicked or been dragged down the street before. And I wanna fix that so there’s no more confusion. LEAVE ME THE F*CK ALONE!!!”

The comment section was filled with fans and even some fellow queens sharing messages of support and positivity for the queen. 

Tia Kofi, who was named the newly-crowned UK vs the World season 2 winner, commented, “Truly feels like nobody’s listening and I am so disappointed at how we haven’t been supported by some of our sisters.





After the casting of the season was announced, Mayhem revealed she was being sent hateful and negative messages. 

The queen even defaulted to making her Instagram account private for the time being.  

“Thanks for all the love. It’s sad tho when u see all the wonderful congratulations messages be drowned out by unnecessary hate,” Miller tweeted upon the backlash the queens received. 

“I took my social media off private so that people could share with me in my joy but that was a mistake. Happy Ruveal Day. Happy Dragcon Day. Gnite.”

Here’s to sending some love and support to the iconic Mayhem Miller during this time!

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