Mayhem Miller shares 3 tips to slaying a lip sync

Mayhem Miller and Laganja Estranja share their tips to slay a lip sync


Our favorite party crasher, Mayhem Miller and the amazing Laganja Estranja recently spilled the tea on Paramount Plus official Instagram stories.

Amid a little Q&A with the new home of RuPaul’s Drag Race, both fierce queens were asked to give some advice on how to slay a lip sync performance. And boy, did they deliver!

Rule 1: Know the lyrics



“Number one, know the words,” Mayhem declared. “It’s very simple. You got one job. Learn the words.” 

We all remember the infamous Valentina vs Nina Bo’nina Brown LSFYL. Skip the embarrassment and nail every verse, bridge and chorus! This could help with ideas and timing the perfect choreography to go along with your act. 


Rule 2: Look good while performing



“Look good while you know the words,” Mayhem laughs. And she was right. The right wardrobe can not only set the tone for the performance but also give the audience something fabulous to look at.

Laganja agrees too, “You want the audience to remember you and the best way to do that is to have some haute couture.”

 Rule 3: Move girl



Mayhem saved his best advice for last.

“But you know what, the best one is? Move! Sometimes if you don't look good or you don't know the words, if you move fast enough, it doesn't matter,” he said.

Again, it seems these queens are on the same page when it comes to sickening performances.“Tricks, stunts, shows and shenanigans!” exclaims Laganja. “You know mama is known for her big queen entrance, so get on out there and show them how you fly high!”


Later the two shared fun memories of their own lip sync experiences. 

When asked when Mayhem knew he was a lip sync assassin, he reminisced on his time during season 10 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. 

“You remember, I had to rip out the feathers in my dress.” In this LSFYL, Mayhem went up against Yuhua Hamasaki. In true party crasher fashion, Mayhem closed out the battle by literally ripping the feathers off of her dress. 

Mayhem admits, “I knew right then and there that that performance was going to be legendary.”

Meanwhile, Laganja recounts the first time she slayed a lip sync. She shares that her first performance at Micky's West Hollywood was the one to beat. 

“I wanted to give you reveal after reveal after reveal! After packing the house with all my college constituents from CalArts, she took home that crown.” AKA, the day Laganja defeated Adore Delano. 


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