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Meet our favorite TikTok drag queens

While the TikTok community is full of diverse content creators, drag queens are slowly but surely taking over the popular social media platform.

The COVID-19 pandemic left many jobless and at home for months on end. But those working in the entertainment industry were one of the communities hardest hit by lockdowns and city closures. In order to continue their craft, many performers turned to social media. Drag acts and shows turned virtual with livestreams and performances from home.

Finally, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel! Despite clubs and entertainment districts beginning to reopen, TikTok is still being used to express drag queens unique style in the absence of live shows. 

From big stars to lesser known names, here are some of our favorite queens to follow!

Heidi in the Closet

It's no surprise that of RuPaul’s most famous queens is making a place for themselves on TikTok. Heidi N Closet is one of the most recognizable queens to ever grace the stage. Closet’s fun demeanor and quippy retorts left an indelible mark on “RuPaul’s Drag Race” fans during season 12 and the queen continues to deliver on TikTok.

Sugar and Spice

It's double trouble! The Coyle twins—aka Sugar and Spice— are all out Y2K fanatics. Luca and Cooper Coyle are 22-year-old identical twins based in Long Island, New York. Ever since they were kids, drag has held a special place in their hearts.

Surprisingly, it was only after joining TikTok in December 2018, that the twins developed their iconic characters‚ÄîSugar & Spice. As of late, the dup has 3.8 million followers, and have taken their drag, full-time. Uniquely, the brother's 2000s aesthetic, complete with matching velour sweatsuits and flirty mini skirts is why they are truly fan favorites.

Plastique Tiara

This glitzy TikTok queens is anything but a drag! Plastique Tiara is a Vietnamese drag superstar based in Los Angeles who has amassed more than 4 million TikTok followers and counting. Since appearing on RuPaul's Drag Race season 11, Plastique continues to evolve her drag style. Together with her glamorous style and professional-grade content to the social media platform, Plastique is killing her drag aesthetic. Think feathery fashion, glittering gowns, and airbrushed makeup looks fit for, well—a queen!

Bailey J Mills

Hailing from Lincolnshire, this multi-talented UK performer is best known for their viral TikToks capturing the everything from quirky British humor to through their drag expression. Bailey first received mass attention back in October when they uploaded a video of them paying a taxi fare while dressed up for a night out. The hilariously relatable post garnered over 1.5 million views.

Since going viral, videos of Mills paroding Nicki Minaj and Boris Johnson to a wide array of made-up characters like Cathy Lee, Susie, and Georgia have become popular. Bailey is anything but a one-trick pony. It turns out, this queen can dance, sing, act, and knows how to serve some legendary looks. Obviously, Bailey J Mills is our favorite "meme queen."

Cristian Dennis

Now while Cristian may not exactly be drag queen, he is still a QWEEN! This TikTok breakout creator is out to spread positivity and inclusion in the world. But after posting some amazing cllps of himself dancing and lip-syncing to Ariana Grande hits, Christian made a name for himself.

Although he tends to dabble in a bit of everything, Cristian is passionate about representing content creators of color. Recently, he partnered with TikTok to ensure that diverse voices and expressions were heard and featured. From makeup transformations to high-energy dance videos, this social media influencer can put a smile on anyone's face.

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