Meet the new queens of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3

Meet the new queens of RuPaul's Drag Race UK Season 3

Drag Race fans are rejoicing after World of Wonder and RuPaul share the cast of RuPaul's Drag Race UK season 3! And we've got to say, this is possibly one of the most diverse casts in the show's herstory!

Among the contestants entering the Werk Room is returning queen Veronica Green who left the season 2 competition prematurely due to COVID. Not to mention the franchise's first-ever cis female queen, Victoria Scone.

RuPaul will obviously take her place at the judging table alongside the iconic Michelle Visage, Graham Norton and Alan Carr. 

In the meantime, get to know the 12 new queens fighting for their chance to become the next UK’s Next Drag Superstar.



 "I've always loved the glamour of my Egyptian heritage. Got the camp sparkles and the golden sequins."

"My drag is wacky, outrageous and it's exquisite darling!"


Charity Kase


"Charity Kase is my way escaping from the bland, grey world that we live in and creating a fantasy from another dimension with makeup, crystals and a hell of a lot of hot glue."

"At a Charity Kase show you can expect shock, horror, gore, glamour and maybe a little bit of vomit."


Choriza May


"I'm a sexy mama, queen of drama."

"Winning Drag Race UK would mean the absolute world. And I'm going to because I am passionate, I'm unique, I'm talented and I'm ambitious."

Elektra Fence


"Elektra is death defying, elektrafying and just up for a good time."

"Nothing scares me. I want to be UK's next drag superstar because I don't just want to be the best, I want to inspire others to be their best."


Ella Vaday


"My drag is delicious, voluptuous and very polished."

"I'm bringing the body, the face, the dancing, the acting, the singing, the humor."


Kitty Scott-Klaus


"I am the personality, I am the fun!"

"I am UK's next drag superstar because I am British drag through and through!"


Krystal Versace


"I can perform, I can act, I can turn the look, anything you want, she's a full package."

"I am so here to take over the world. Drag is all about having no boundaries. In world where there are so many rules- 'eff the rules."

River Medway


"My camp is camp, feel-good and shallow, as in it's not that deep, don't take it too seriously babes."

"Going into the show, I want to explore and sort of show off my heritage a bit. And I can't wait to show the world that."


Scarlett Harlett


"I'm the cockney princess, the east-end and I'm here to knock the socks off of Drag Race UK!"

"I think I should be UK's next drag superstar because I am real. I don't think there's been anyone on the show that's like me before."


Vanity Milan


"I don't really have a motto but my husband says I am like a fart— silent but deadly."

"The recipe to Vanity Milan is sugar, spice and everything nice. I just a lot of flavor when it comes to my performances."


Veronica Green


"Three words to describe my drag: Gollum to gorgeous."

"Second time around gives you an advantage. I am having the time of my life all over again. I love it."


Victoria Scone


 "I am Cardiff's camp cabaret disco-diva!"

"Here I am making Drag Race herstory! Some people want to put a label on it and call me an AFAB drag queen, but I am just a drag queen. Drag is for everyone and I am here to show you how!"


Season 3 of Drag Race UK will stream this fall on WOWPresents Plus. 

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