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Mistress Isabelle Brooks spills what she would change about Drag Race lipsyncs

Mistress Isabelle Brooks made waves on social media this week when she shared a controversial opinion regarding the lip-syncs featured on the RuPaul’s Drag Race main stage.  

“This lip-sync is horrible but I’m not sure if y’all are ready for that conversation,” Brooks posted to social media. “I would like to see reveals banned from finale lip syncs, it takes away from the whole point of the performance. LIP. SYNC.”

Drag Race fans were quick to respond to Brooks's comments online. 

One fan disagreed and argued, ”Sasha didn’t use reveals for the sake of reveals. The song is sexy, she brought a bed, took off clothes to lay in the bed, and bodied the whole thing. Her reveals had purpose and direction."



Another sided with Brooks's words, replying, “Sasha’s reveal ate” no shade but she just took off her clothes? Are we counting that as a reveal?”



And some recognized the season 15 queen’s “trolling” personality and took the comments with a grain of salt. 

“Y'all don't realize Mistress is trolling, which just makes this exponentially more hilarious…”



Later, Brooks shared a meme seemingly confirming the comments were all in good fun, tweeting,  “Me saying to ban reveals from the finale knowing that I had on pants that reveal into a swimsuit, a floor-length gown cover up, 2 ruffle coats, 3 wig reveals into a clean-shaven head, and a heel reveal from stilettos to kitten heels for safe measures.”



Brooks then posted a voice memo saying she was “bitter” and “had to say something about the lip-sync to make myself relevant”.

“I’m irrelevant! Please, I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it, Sasha won. She ate, she ate,” Mistress said in the video.

What are your thoughts on reveals during lip-syncs? Let us know in the comments below. 

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